Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Filler List

The story of Black Butler is by far one of the darkest I have ever seen.  Not just in the premise, but the topics that it highlights. A show that compels us to think of how are we willing to go to take revenge on the ones who did us wrong. Even though the plot and the background of the show are quite dark, the show does have a lot of comedic scenes. In conclusion, black Butler makes a very entertaining watch and is a show definitely worth bingeing on. If you’re looking to know more about a black butler and its episodes, then keep on reading this post!

Writer Yana Toboso
Studio A-1 Pictures
Original Run October 3, 2008 – September 17, 2010
Episodes 46
Filler (%) 63%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Netflix

The story revolves around the life of a boy named Ciel Phantomhive living in the victorian era in the year 1888. Although, being only 13 years old, Ciel is now an earl due to his parent’s untimely death.

However, the truth about his parents’ demise is something that only Ciel knows. On the day of his 10th birthday, a group of bandits attacked Ciel’s mansion, killing both of his parents along with his beloved dog Sebastian. However, the true horror was just getting started. After the death of his parents, the bandits sold the young boy into slavery.

Ciel was now a slave of a demonic cult, who brutalized Ciel physically, mentally, sexually and emotionally. Nearly starving the boy to death and torturing him in various ways. The cult marked Ciel with “Mark of the Beast” and finally decided to use him as a live human sacrifice to summon a demon from the depths of hell.

The demon, however, refused to acknowledge the cult and told them that it was Ciel who has summoned him, not the cult. The demon then proceeds to kill every cult member and makes a deal with Ciel.

Ciel asks for the demon’s help to find out the people behind his family’s doom in exchange for his soul. Ciel asks for the demon’s assistance and begins calling him Sebastian, the name of his dog.

Now, together after 3 years of his ordeal, Ciel investigates the most dangerous cases for the crown along with Sebastian to bring the wrongdoers justice in this world

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Black Butler Filler List

Black Butler has a lot of fillers; almost 63% of its total episodes are all fillers. That is why we have made a filler list for our readers so that they can enjoy watching the show with no unnecessary fillers.

Black Butler Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
2-6, 13-15, 38-46

Black Butler Filler Episodes List

Filler List:
1, 7-12, 16-37

Black Butler Episode List

# Title Type
1 His Butler, Able FILLER
2 His Butler, Strongest MANGA CANON
3 His Butler, Omnipotent MANGA CANON
4 His Butler, Capricious MANGA CANON
5 His Butler, Chance Encounter MANGA CANON
6 His Butler, at the Funeral MANGA CANON
7 His Butler, Merrymaking FILLER
8 His Butler, Training FILLER
9 His Butler, Phantom Image FILLER
10 His Butler, on Ice FILLER
11 His Butler, However You Please FILLER
12 His Butler, Forlorn FILLER
13 His Butler, Freeloader MANGA CANON
14 His Butler, Supremely Talented MANGA CANON
15 His Butler, Competing MANGA CANON
16 His Butler, in an Isolated Castle FILLER
17 His Butler, Offering FILLER
18 His Butler, Transmitted FILLER
19 His Butler, Imprisoned FILLER
20 His Butler, Escaping FILLER
21 His Butler, Engaging Servants FILLER
22 His Butler, Dissolution FILLER
23 His Butler, Up in Flames FILLER
24 His Butler, Fluent FILLER
25 Clawed Butler FILLER
26 Solo Butler FILLER
27 Wench Butler FILLER
28 Terrorist Butler FILLER
29 Beacon Butler FILLER
30 Bedewed Butler FILLER
31 Deathly Butler FILLER
32 Divulging Butler FILLER
33 Hollow Butler FILLER
34 Zero Butler FILLER
35 Crossroads Butler FILLER
36 Black Butler FILLER
37 Book of Circus: His Butler, Presenting FILLER
38 Book of Circus: His Butler, Taking the Stage MANGA CANON
39 Book of Circus: His Butler, Hired MANGA CANON
40 Book of Circus: His Butler, Colleague MANGA CANON
41 Book of Circus: His Butler, Taking Flight MANGA CANON
42 Book of Circus: His Butler, Liaison MANGA CANON
43 Book of Circus: His Butler, Careful Tending MANGA CANON
44 Book of Circus: His Butler, Sneering MANGA CANON
45 Book of Circus: His Butler, Serene MANGA CANON
46 Book of Circus: His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Black Butler Online?

Image: Netflix

You can watch all the episodes of Black Butler free of cost in English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, for a smooth ad-free experience, we recommend our readers to go for a subscription pack. Our readers can also check out various sites like 4anime and Animixplay HD and choose the one that suits them the best.