Assassination Classroom Filler List

Assassination Classroom or Ansatsu Kyōshitsu is an anime based on the Japanese manga series written by Yūsei Matsui. The story of the show, which will be later discussed in this post, is unlike anything I have ever seen. The mere uniqueness and the simplicity of the plot, not to mention the absolutely lovable characters, is what makes Assassination Classrooms one of the most entertaining shows ever made. With an 8/10 rating from the IMDb, you will see Assassination Classroom’s name in almost all top 10 comedy series. Not to mention, the anime is not simply about humour. The show’s plot runs quite deep and has one of the most action-packed characters you will see. If you’re looking to know more about Ansatsu Kyōshitsu, then make sure to keep reading this post!

Writer Yusei Matsui
Studio Lerche
Original Run January 9th,2015 – June 30 2016
Episodes 47 + 1 OVA
Filler (%) 0

Plot Of The Show


destroyed moon
Image: Crunchyroll

One Day out of nowhere, an alien creature with an octopus-like tentacle appears. With its immense strength and superpowers, the creature destroys 75% of the earth’s moon. However, the woes of humanity haven’t ended just yet. The alien announces that it will give the earthlings a period of 1 year, over which they can try out any means of assassination on him. However, if they cannot kill him even after a year, he will destroy the earth as we know it.

Meanwhile, the alien creature decides to become a professor of the poorest class, Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. A class filled with poor and misfit students who have to study in an old school building due to their status.

Meanwhile, in a state of desperation, The Japanese government announces a 10 Billion Yen bounty on the alien’s head, prompting the students to kill the alien by whatever means necessary. However, killing the alien is far from easy. The octopus-like creature now begins his duty as a school teacher and is referred to as Koro-sensei by his students.


Koro-sensei teaching his students how to assassinate him
Image: Madman Entertainment

The story revolves around a boy named Nagisa Shiota. Initially, Nagisa appears to be the weakest of the students in class. The one who doesn’t stand a chance of killing Koro-Sensei. All Nagisa does is to look for any weaknesses and note them down.

However, as the series progresses, it is realised that he might be the best bet on finding out a way to kill the alien. However, as the class spends more time with Koro-Sensei, they not only begin scoring great marks but also become one of the most versatile sets of students. Therefore, in a strange turn of events, it turns out that Koro-Sensei is the best teacher in the whole world.

The alien creature not only helps students with their studies but also makes them into better human beings. Therefore, as time progresses, the conflict of killing their beloved teacher becomes imminent. However, there is a huge secret lying beneath Koro-Sensei. A secret that might change everything.

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Assassination Classroom Filler List

Assassination Classroom Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-4, 6-47

Assassination Classroom Mixed Canon Episodes

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Assassination Classroom Episode List

# Title Type
0 Meeting Time ANIME CANON
1 Assassination Time MANGA CANON
2 Baseball Time MANGA CANON
3 Karma Time MANGA CANON
4 Grown-Up Time MANGA CANON
7 School Trip Time/1st Period MANGA CANON
8 School Trip Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON
9 Transfer Student Time MANGA CANON
10 L and R Time MANGA CANON
11 Transfer Student Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON
12 Ball Game Tournament Time MANGA CANON
13 Talent Time MANGA CANON
14 Vision Time MANGA CANON
15 End-of-Term Time MANGA CANON
16 School’s Out/1st Term MANGA CANON
17 Island Time MANGA CANON
18 Action Time MANGA CANON
19 Pandemonium Time MANGA CANON
20 Karma Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON
22 Nagisa Time MANGA CANON
23 Summer Festival Time MANGA CANON
24 Kaede Time MANGA CANON
25 Itona Horibe Time MANGA CANON
26 Spinning Time MANGA CANON
27 Leader Time MANGA CANON
28 Before & After Time MANGA CANON
29 Reaper Time, Part 1 MANGA CANON
30 Reaper Time, Part 2 MANGA CANON
31 Round Two Time MANGA CANON
32 School Festival Time MANGA CANON
33 End-of-Term Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON
34 Think Outside the Box Time MANGA CANON
35 Let Live Time MANGA CANON
36 Secret Identity Time MANGA CANON
37 Confession Time MANGA CANON
38 Past Time MANGA CANON
39 Discord Time MANGA CANON
40 Outcome Time MANGA CANON
41 Outer Space Time MANGA CANON
42 Valentine’s Day Time MANGA CANON
43 Trust Time MANGA CANON
44 Happy Birthday Time MANGA CANON
45 Final Boss Time MANGA CANON
46 Graduation Time MANGA CANON
47 Future Time MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Assassination Classroom Online?

The entire class trying to kill Koro-sensei during roll call
Image: Madman Entertainment

Will Class 3-E be able to kill Koro-Sensei before he destroys the earth? Will they be able to uncover the secret behind his origins? Why is the alien trying to destroy the earth? If you want to find out all of the answers, watch all the Assassination Classroom episodes only on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media.