Angel Heart Filler List

The story of Angel Heart is literally heart-touching. The story’s premise is about repentance, loss, guilt and above all, the redemption of one’s own sins. This is by far one of the most underrated anime of all time. mostly because when it premiered, a lot of animes were taking the spotlight, leaving this masterpiece little to no attention. Although the show did run for 50 episodes, it still doesn’t get enough credit. If you’re wondering whether to watch Angel Heart or not, then keep on reading our post!

Writer Tsukasa Hojo
Studio TMS
Original Run October 3 2005 – September 25 2006
Episodes 50
Filler(%) 2%

Introduction to the Plot

Image: Crunchyroll

The story revolves around a young Chinese assassin called “Glass Heart”,, who after finding out that she killed the father of a young girl, gets fed up with her job and decides to end her life by jumping off from a high rise building. As she falls, a metal beam ends up piercing her heart, which leaves her in a critical state, requiring an immediate heart transplant.

At the same time, the story now shifts to Kaori Makimura, who is rushing for a wedding photoshoot appointment along with her husband, Ryo Saeba. However, her appointment is cut short when she sees a young girl on the verge of getting hit by a truck. Kaori, without thinking twice, pushes the girl to save her life and gets hit by the truck instead. However, after fighting for her life. She is now declared brain dead.

The assassin organisation cannot let one of their top members, “Glass Heart”, die, use Kaori’s heart to cure her. The strenuous heart transplant operation leaves the young woman in a coma for a year. A year in which she dreams about all the people she has killed and memories of Kaori, her life and her husband, which she didn’t know about.

After waking up from her coma and seeing Ryo Saeba in her visions, the young woman decides to track him down. It turns out that Ryo Saeba is a retired assassin who went by the name of “City Hunter”. After seeing the state of the young girl and her devastation from her sins. Ryo decides to adopt her, allowing her to restart her life.

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Angel Heart Filler List

Angel Heart Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-23, 25-50

Angel Heart Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:

Angel Heart Episode List

# Title Type
1 Glass Heart MANGA CANON
2 Kaori has Returned MANGA CANON
4 Wandering Heart MANGA CANON
5 Farewell… Kaori MANGA CANON
7 My Beloved City MANGA CANON
8 True Friends MANGA CANON
9 Xiang Ying, Her Lost Name MANGA CANON
10 Angel Smile MANGA CANON
11 A Father and Daughter’s Time MANGA CANON
12 A Meeting and Farewell On Board a Ship MANGA CANON
13 A Present from Master Li MANGA CANON
14 Revival, City Hunter ! MANGA CANON
15 Find Papa ! MANGA CANON
16 Qualifications as C.H. (City Hunter) MANGA CANON
17 Meeting in a Dream MANGA CANON
18 Familial Ties MANGA CANON
19 Old Man Chin’s Place MANGA CANON
20 Prelude of Destiny MANGA CANON
21 Sorrowful Guardian MANGA CANON
22 Unfair Happiness MANGA CANON
23 Melody of a Journey’s Beginning MANGA CANON
24 Together with The Beat… FILLER
25 A Client’s Death Wish MANGA CANON
26 Once again, to that moment MANGA CANON
27 Me, in love !? MANGA CANON
28 A Promise MANGA CANON
29 My Sister…Kaori MANGA CANON
30 This City is Everything to Me MANGA CANON
31 A Miracle Seen on the Final Night MANGA CANON
32 The Woman from the Syndicate MANGA CANON
33 The Child who is a Gift from Heaven MANGA CANON
34 Two Determinations MANGA CANON
35 Towards the Future MANGA CANON
36 The Girl That Brings Happiness MANGA CANON
37 An Unblemished Heart MANGA CANON
39 The Client is a Famous Actress MANGA CANON
40 Miki’s Hidden Secret MANGA CANON
41 The Place where I Belong MANGA CANON
42 The Secret Sign Between the Two MANGA CANON
43 A Day in My Life MANGA CANON
44 For Our Children MANGA CANON
45 The Walking Nuclear Warhead, Yang MANGA CANON
46 Mother Heart MANGA CANON
47 A Bright Future ?! MANGA CANON
48 Drawn towards Fate MANGA CANON
49 Get My Life MANGA CANON
50 Last Present MANGA CANON

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