Angel Beats Filler List

If you’re bored with the obvious plots of the anime and want to watch something really unique and different, then Angel Beats is the ultimate anime for you. The shows’ story and plot are truly one of a kind and will resonate with you in a way that you won’t be able to explain. Although the series isn’t that long, it definitely is worth a watch. If you’re looking to know more about Angel Beats, then look no more!

Writer Jun Maeda
Studio P.A. Works
Original Run April 3 2010 – June 26 2010
Episodes 16
Filler(%) 0

Introduction To The Plot


Otonashi Yuzuru
Image: Aniplex

Life and death are phenomena that everyone is familiar with. No one can truly explain exactly what happens after we die. However, all of us do hope to one day be able to enter a better place. But what is this good place? Does it even exist?

In the world of angel beats, if you have suffered many hardships and grief in your life, then instead of going to the better place, you’re sent to limbo. A place in the afterlife, which surprisingly looks like a high school but, in simple words, is a kind of rehab. A place where the person can let go of their negative and sad emotions from their previous life and find a way to cope up and move on. This not only helps in “Cleansing the soul” but also leads the path to their reincarnation.


The SSS members
Image: Crunchyroll

The plot of the show revolves around a boy named Yuzuru Otonashi. A newcomer who suffered from amnesia in his past life. In the afterlife, he meets another member, a girl named Yuri Nakamura. Hearing Yuzuru’s life story, Yuri asks Yuzuru to join her team – Afterlife Battlefront or SSS. An organization that wants to rebel against God himself. The SSS plans on taking revenge on God for making them suffer so much in their previous lives.

However, before challenging God, they must confront the class president, named “Angel”, who they suspect of being an accomplice of God and possesses powerful supernatural powers.

Will the member of SSS be able to take their revenge against none other than God? Make sure to watch Angel beats and find out!

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Angel Beats Filler List

Lucky for our readers, Angel beats has zero fillers. This means that you can watch all 16 of its episodes without any detours.

 Angel Beats Anime Canon Episodes

Anime Canon Episodes:

Angel Beats! Episode List

# Title Type
1 Departure ANIME CANON
5 Favorite Flavor ANIME CANON
6 Family Affair ANIME CANON
8 Dancer in the Dark ANIME CANON
9 In Your Memory ANIME CANON
10 Goodbye Days ANIME CANON
11 Change the World ANIME CANON
12 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door ANIME CANON
13 Graduation ANIME CANON
14 Another Epilogue ANIME CANON
15 Stairway to Heaven ANIME CANON
16 Hell’s Kitchen ANIME CANON

Where To Watch Angel Beats Online?

Image: Aniplex

You can watch all the episodes of Angel Beats, that too in English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. Not only do these sites have thousands of anime, but also you can watch them for absolutely free! Provided if you don’t mind ads. However, if you do mind, one can always opt for their premium subscription, providing you with a smooth ad-free experience.

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