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Akame Ga Kill! Filler List

If you’re looking for an action-packed series with a lot of fighting, then nothing fits the description better than Akame Ga Kill!. The show has received numerous rave reviews and has even received an impressive 7.8/10 rating from IMDB. Akame Ga Kill is one of those anime, who got the proper recognition only after some years of its release. The plotline of the show is also exciting. Above all, this 24 episodes action-packed thriller will keep you entertained and stick with you for a very long time.

Writer Takahiro
Studio White Fox
Original Run July 7, 2014 – December 15, 2014
Episodes 24
Filler(%) 0

Plot Of The Show

Tatsumi leaving the village with his friends
Image: Hanabee

The story of the show revolves around our protagonist named Tatsumi. Tatsumi is born and raised in an extremely poverty-stricken village. In a dire attempt to save his village, Tatsumi and his friends from the village decide to go to the royal capital and look for some new means of income. However, their dreams are cut short after he and his friends get separated in a bandit attack.

Tatsumi, a skilled fighter, ultimately decides to enlist in the army, but it seems that luck isn’t on his side. His desperation and innocence make him vulnerable to money swindlers, and he ends up losing whatever little money he had.

Seeing his bad and desperate state, a noble family decides to shelter him. That night, the capital is attacked by a group of bandits named the “Night Raid”. It is during this raid that Tatsumi discovers that his noble hosts are the ones who had killed and tortured his friends and that if it weren’t for the raid he would have been their next target.

Seeing the inhumanity of the people in the capital, Tatsumi, out of anger and loss, decides to join the group of bandits. The main purpose of the night raid is to overthrow the current Prime Minister. The man who is responsible for the poor state of the country and increasing corruption. The prime minister has got the king wrapped around his fingers and uses him to enforce barbaric rules. Rules that only make him richer while the country starves.

However, overthrowing a country’s government won’t be easy. That is why Night Raid was formed, a group of skilled warriors using ancient weapons and legendary beasts.

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Akame Ga Kill! Filler List

Tatsumi sees how his friends were tortured brutally and killed
Image: Hanabee

Akame Ga Kill, with its 24 episode run, has currently no reported fillers. Season 2 of the show is unlikely. However, if by any chance new episodes are released, we will update our list accordingly. Make sure to read our post every week and find out all the filler episodes of the animes you’re planning to watch.

Akame Ga Kill! Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

Akame Ga Kill! Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes List

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:

Akame Ga Kill! Anime Canon Episodes List

Anime Canon:

Akame ga Kill! Episode List

# Title Type
1 Kill the Darkness MANGA CANON
2 Kill the Authority MANGA CANON
3 Kill Your Cares MANGA CANON
4 Kill the Imperial Arm Users MANGA CANON
5 Kill the Dream MANGA CANON
6 Kill the Absolute Justice MANGA CANON
7 Kill the Three -Part One- MANGA CANON
8 Kill the Three -Part Two- MANGA CANON
9 Kill the Lust for Combat MANGA CANON
10 Kill the Seduction MANGA CANON
11 Kill the Mad Scientist MANGA CANON
12 Kill the Newcomers MANGA CANON
13 Kill the Nuisances MANGA CANON
14 Kill the Giant Danger Beast MANGA CANON
15 Kill the Religious Organization MANGA CANON
16 Kill the Dolls MANGA CANON
17 Kill the Curse MANGA CANON
18 Kill the Demon MANGA CANON
20 Kill the Carnage ANIME CANON
21 Kill the Despair ANIME CANON
22 Kill the Little Sister ANIME CANON
23 Kill the Emperor ANIME CANON
24 Akame ga Kill! ANIME CANON

Where to Watch Akame Ga Kill! Online In English Sub/Dub?

Tatsumi joins the night raid
Image: Hanabee

You can watch the entire series of Akame Ga Kill In English Sub/Dub Online on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media for absolutely free. Our readers can also try to buy their subscription packages to get a smooth ad-free experience with zero waiting period.



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