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Ace Of Diamond Filler List

If you liked shows like Haikyu and Kuroko No Basket, then you are going to love Ace of Diamond. It is not often that we get to see sports-based anime gain such popularity and be so well-liked. In the history of anime-only some sport-themed stories have gained proper recognition, one of them being Ace of Diamond. With an 8.1/10 rating from IMDb, it is, therefore, safe to assume that the show is both well-liked by the audience and the critics. Watching Diamond No Ace will make you fall in love with baseball, even if you have no clue what it’s about. If you’re looking to find out more on Diamond No Ace them keep on reading this post!

Writer Yuji Terajima
Studio Madhouse, I.G. Production
Original Run 3rd October 2013 – 26th March 2016
Episodes 126 + 5 OVA
Filler(%) 3%

Ace Of Diamond Plot

Eijun Sawamura
Image: Madhouse

The story of the show follows the life of Eijun Sawamura, a talented baseball player with a very unique style of playing, something which he developed naturally. Sawamura is a humble guy who just wanted to play more baseball in high school with his friends. Although, he did want to reach the nationals he never planned on making baseball into his career. However, Sawamura’s life completely changes after he gets a scholarship offer from the prestigious Seidou High School. After visiting the school for a test run, Sawamura is able to see from his own eyes what a professional baseball team looks like.

This completely changes Sawamura’s outlook on baseball and he decides to get enrolled. The show revolves around Sawamura’s relationship with his fellow teammates and their collective goal to win nationals. However, fitting into a team isn’t that easy. Time and Time again, it seems the more Swamura tries to fit in, the more he stands out. The show highlights the transition of Sawamura’s baseball life from being a kouhai to leading a new team. Will Sawamura be able to reach the nationals? Will he be able to fit into the team of a powerhouse? Make sure to watch Ace of Diamond and find out.

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Ace Of Diamond Filler List

Out of the total 125 episodes of the Ace Of Diamond, only 3% of them are fillers. However, we have made a list for our readers to inform them about which episodes are important and which aren’t. Make sure to keep following our post to get all the latest updates on your favourite anime.

Ace Of Diamond Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-27, 29-75, 79-126

Ace Of Diamond Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:
28, 76-78

Ace of the Diamond Episode List

Hide Episode Titles

# Title Type
1 The One Pitch MANGA CANON
3 Not Qualified to Be a Pitcher? MANGA CANON
4 Are You Like Me? MANGA CANON
6 Head to Head! MANGA CANON
7 The Two Batteries MANGA CANON
8 The Truth About Chris MANGA CANON
9 With Chagrin in His Heart MANGA CANON
10 Hone Your Moving Fastball MANGA CANON
11 Chris to the Field! MANGA CANON
13 You’re in the First-String MANGA CANON
14 Training Camp Begins! MANGA CANON
15 Lead With Your Plays! MANGA CANON
16 Challenge MANGA CANON
17 Games Are Fun MANGA CANON
18 I Hate It, But…. MANGA CANON
20 Emergency MANGA CANON
21 To the Dream Stage MANGA CANON
22 Calling for Attention MANGA CANON
23 Official Game Debut MANGA CANON
24 Clockwork MANGA CANON
25 Anti-Furuya Strategy MANGA CANON
26 Miracle Akikawa MANGA CANON
27 I’m Not Running MANGA CANON
28 Path, Eijun Sawamura to the Scorching Mound FILLER
29 Neck and Neck MANGA CANON
30 Winner and Loser MANGA CANON
31 Dark Horse MANGA CANON
32 Summers MANGA CANON
33 Money Tree MANGA CANON
34 Reliable Teammates MANGA CANON
35 Potential MANGA CANON
36 The Ace Walks On MANGA CANON
39 Expectations of an Ace MANGA CANON
40 The Winning Shot MANGA CANON
41 It’s the Semifinal MANGA CANON
42 The Giant Looks Down MANGA CANON
43 Revenge MANGA CANON
44 Best Pitch MANGA CANON
45 Pitching of Despair MANGA CANON
46 Fantasy MANGA CANON
47 That Summer MANGA CANON
48 At the Dorm… MANGA CANON
49 A Nostalgic Face MANGA CANON
50 Footsteps to Tomorrow MANGA CANON
51 The Battle Begins! MANGA CANON
52 I Don’t Want to Lose MANGA CANON
53 Change Gears MANGA CANON
54 Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform MANGA CANON
55 Strong Men MANGA CANON
56 Decision MANGA CANON
57 Reliable Underclassmen MANGA CANON
58 The Three-Hole MANGA CANON
59 Fearless MANGA CANON
60 Lonely Sun MANGA CANON
61 Determined MANGA CANON
62 Victory or Defeat MANGA CANON
63 Lingering Feelings MANGA CANON
64 Restart MANGA CANON
65 In the Sun MANGA CANON
66 Outsider MANGA CANON
68 The Ace Title MANGA CANON
69 Can’t Lose! MANGA CANON
70 Next Stage MANGA CANON
71 September Sky MANGA CANON
72 The Final Lesson MANGA CANON
73 Inheritance MANGA CANON
74 The Guiding Light MANGA CANON
75 In Pursuit MANGA CANON
76 Howling in the Summer FILLER
77 The Summer Heat Haze FILLER
78 The Kings of Summer FILLER
79 The Fall Tournament Begins! MANGA CANON
80 The Cold Rain MANGA CANON
81 Out of Order MANGA CANON
83 Scenario MANGA CANON
85 Did You Just Pitch… MANGA CANON
86 The Underdog Story MANGA CANON
87 Self-Destruction MANGA CANON
88 Fissure MANGA CANON
89 On My Shoulders MANGA CANON
90 Persistent and Diligent MANGA CANON
91 Chain Reaction MANGA CANON
92 Shut Him Down!! MANGA CANON
93 This Guy’s Pretty Good MANGA CANON
94 An Uncompromising Challenge MANGA CANON
95 With Heads Held High MANGA CANON
96 Whispers of the Devil? MANGA CANON
97 Winging It MANGA CANON
98 School Academic Level MANGA CANON
99 Individual Minds MANGA CANON
101 The Conceited Underclassman MANGA CANON
102 Step By Step MANGA CANON
103 The Resilient Second-String MANGA CANON
104 Demon Child MANGA CANON
105 The Kings’ Roar MANGA CANON
106 The Courage He Gave Me MANGA CANON
107 The Resolve for Responsibility MANGA CANON
108 The Ace’s Instinct MANGA CANON
109 Innocent MANGA CANON
110 The World Beyond MANGA CANON
111 Rematch MANGA CANON
112 Priorities MANGA CANON
113 One Pitch MANGA CANON
114 Meeting Expectations MANGA CANON
115 Play Ball MANGA CANON
116 The Lead-off Man MANGA CANON
117 Fastball, Featuring Todoroki MANGA CANON
118 To This Side MANGA CANON
119 The Best Fastball MANGA CANON
120 The Field MANGA CANON
121 The Decision MANGA CANON
122 Partnership MANGA CANON
123 Party Boys MANGA CANON
124 Just You Wait! MANGA CANON
125 Last Inning MANGA CANON
126 Seek Diamonds! MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Ace Of Diamond Online?

Image: Madhouse

Our reader can watch all the latest episodes of Diamond No Ace on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media for absolutely free. However, we would like to let our readers know that both of these sites run on subscription. Therefore, if they want to have a smooth ad-free experience then it’s recommended to buy a subscription. Fans can also check out sites like 4anime and Animipxlay HD and watch all their favorite animes in HD.




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