Fans Petition DC Comics to Print Garcia-Lopez’s Style Guide

DC Comics in the beginning 1980’s enrolled outstanding designer Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez to frame a style guide for use internally as well as for sharing with license possessors. The artist’s book is acclaimed worldwide for structuring the Burbank-based publisher’s look in the 1980s. The book has got the dignity of a holy grail for all the DC Fans. Our superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and may such DC characters are the gift of Jose Luis. He is the one who has given a form to these characters as of how they look like.

There has come a petition for a print release with a motive of getting appreciation by more and more people for the work. The petition was issued by a DC fan, Mark F. and is recently up on A plea to DC Comics for eventually releasing the Garcia-Lopez’s stylebook for public utilization has come. According to the petition, though versions of these photos of such characters are available easily on just pressing the enter button after typing in google search engine, it would be loved by the die heart fans of Jose Luis and keen readers of DC Comics to have a nice copy of the book in their shelf along with all the characters comic shaped by this guide. The petition says that it would be like a tribute to such artists and caricaturist for their marvelous work of shaping the world-famous fictional characters and making a dream transforming to reality no one has ever thought about. It is also a means of conserving the past.

Garcia Lopez’s guide for two decades is a role model for many DC releases and will be in the future. There is a very strong influence of Lopez’s design and style on the old and upcoming DC artists as well as on the huge fan following of him. It has been a praiseworthy ideal in the DC Universe.

You will surely become a little sentimental when you will read the concluding words of the petition which tells that the heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman with which you might have grown have originated from this style guide. When the petition was being written, it cumulated just over 30 autographs with the recent ambition of 100.