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Killing Stalking (Korean: 킬링 스토킹) is a South Korean manhwa composed and illustrated by Kogi. It was distributed online in Korean and English by Lezhin Comics and won the ₩100,000,000 Grand Prize Award at the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest

The story follows Yoon Bum, a youthful, mentally ill man with a troublesome past. Subsequent to getting captivated by Oh Sangwoo, a companion from his time in the military who saved him from an assault endeavor, he chooses to enter Sangwoo’s home while he is out of his house. Yoon Bum tracks down a tied-up, bruised woman in Sangwoo’s cellar and before he can free her, he is found by Sangwoo, who is uncovered to be a chronic killer. Sangwoo at that point breaks his lower legs and notwithstanding Yoon Bum’s past adoration for him, Sangwoo places Bum into a highly abusive and manipulative relationship until the end.

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking?

You can read Killing Stalking on various platforms such as Anime-Planet and Mangaowl. It is also available to read on the Mangago app.

Killing Stalking Plot

The storyline revolves around a young boy named Yoon Bum. He has a disturbing past, and that leads him to develop a mental illness. When Bum joins the military, a co-officer tries to molest him. This is the moment when Oh Sangwoo comes to his rescue. Without being acquainted with Oh Sangwoo, Bum becomes infatuated with him. Yoon Bum was about to be sexually assaulted and raped by a military officer, however, Sangwoo reaches in time and prevents this from happening. The two boys develop a temporary friendship. Bum starts stalking him and envies his contact with women.

Yoon Bum who was awestruck by Sangwoo reaches a point where he decides to enter his house when he was not around. [Spoilers ahead] He heads over to the basement of the house. In doing so, he finds a brutally bruised woman. This leaves him dumbstruck and he learns that Sangwoo is a psychic serial killer. But before Bum can take any action, Sangwoo reaches the scene, breaks his legs, and hostages him.

Sangwoo and Yoon Bum had feelings towards each other. However, when Sangwoo comes to know that Yoon Bum knows about his secret. Sangwoo decides to torture him and he keeps Yoon Bum in an abusive and manipulative relationship until the end. While Bum struggles to give up on Sangwoo even after knowing that he is a mentally disturbed serial killer, Sangwoo becomes unable to differentiate between his feelings for Bum and his dark past.

Killing Stalking is Full Of Sexual Abuse

It is filled with immoral and illegitimate sex scenes and shows brutal acts of abuse that go on between the couple. The way it explores the inner workings of its characters is the light of the manhwa. So if you are not too sensitive, you should check it out.

Kogi is the creator of the manhwa, and he gave the art as well. The manhwa was honored with the Grand prize at Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. Lezhin Comics has itself published the manhwa.

The main characters of the manhwa are:

  • Yoon Bum who was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Oh, Sangwoo; a psychopathic antagonist.
  • Yang Seungbae, a former investigator.

Killing Stalking Ending Explained, What occurred At The End?

[Major Spoilers Ahead] 

Despite the fact that there were a few provisos in the last chapter, it had one legitimate topical conclusion. 

In the entire plot, the manhwa is a grouping of dull occasions where Bum attempts to escape from Sangwoo’s home with the expectation of carrying on with a superior life. Nonetheless, Sangwoo consistently frontruns him and some way or another brings him back into his manipulative love. 

A lot later, a cop named Seungbae discovers who Sangwoo is and even figures out how to capture him. However, being the psychopath that he is, Sangwoo plays a casualty to mask his blame. From that point, he gets delivered from police custody, however his violations still arrive at the public eye. Finally, there comes when Seungbae has no other choice except for to murder Sangwoo himself. And thus, he sets his house ablaze because of which Sanwoo gets extreme consumes and gets conceded to a private hospital. 

Is Sangwoo Alive? 

During Sangwoo’s visit at the hospital, Bum feels it hard to stay away from his abusive sweetheart. He continues to discover a course to the hospital just to understand that he’s committing a similar error once more. In any event, during these minutes, Bum appreciates every one of the positive recollections he had with Sangwoo and defends all the maltreatment he encountered. Bum’s battle shows that regardless of how Sangwoo deals with him, he’ll always be unable to quit being reliant upon him. 

In the peak scenes of the manhwa, Bum forms mental fortitude to visit Sangwoo once and for all. He looks for him everywhere on the hospital until one of the staff individuals discloses to him that Sangwoo passed several days prior, and his body was incinerated. The staff part then handovers Sangwoo’s container of cinders to him. Basically, Bum can’t accept that Sangwoo is dead. Yet, as the truth sets in, he regrets over not visiting him prior to say his last goodbye to his sweetheart. While leaving the hospital, Bum catches a more seasoned woman tolerating that she killed Sangwoo after he continued getting down on Bum’s name the entire evening. This disclosure recommends that Sangwoo’s reason for death was not his wounds from the fire. The preposterous old woman strangulated him. 

Is Bum Dead? 

Bum leaves for Sangwoo’s home—where both of them gained such countless experiences. He tumbles to the ground and grieves the destruction of his sweetheart, and that is the point at which he hears Sangwoo getting down on his name. He surges out of the house and arrives at an intersection where he discovers Sangwoo with another woman. He gets down on his name, yet Sangwoo doesn’t turn around at him. 

This end scene comes related to one of the initial scenes of the manhwa where Bum beginnings following Sangwoo. 

The manhwa closes with the sign at the crosswalk becoming red, demonstrating towards Bum’s passing. This happens minutes after he set off to pursue Sangwoo. If Bum is dead isn’t at all reasonable. In any case, the consummation proposes that Bum’s weaknesses and his dull past have destined him. Because of this, he’ll go further into his descending twisting except if he gets help and a grasp on his existence. 

Is there any renewal of the series? 

No, there has been no affirmed renewal of the series. The manhwa reached a conclusion in 2019 and it doesn’t seem like there will be any continuation or prequel. Given that both the primary characters kicked the bucket eventually, it would be hard for the creator to make something new. Consequently, we accept there is no renewal for the series. 

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