Everwild Trailer Reveals More About Rare's Next Game

Developer Rare’s mysterious next project, Everwild, was briefly featured during the Xbox games showcase via a fascinating teaser trailer.

Much like the debut trailer for Everwild, this preview is short on substantial plot and gameplay details. Either Everwild isn’t far along in development or Rare is trying to preserve the game’s mysteries for as long as possible. We also wouldn’t rule out a combination of both.

Regardless, this preview does hint at the nature of Everwild‘s universe. “Nature” is the keyword here, as the trailer’s narrator hints that players will control an “Eternal” who is able “to sense and feel how magic flows through nature and connects every living thing.” That certainly sounds significant, but we’re still waiting for more information regarding what that really means and how it will shape Everwild‘s gameplay.

If we had to take a guess, though, then we’d say that it does seem that the general theme of Everwild concerns nature under attack from various forces (some of which seem to be hinted at in the preview). It feels likely that the player will be tasked with protecting the balance of things in one way or another, but again, Rare hasn’t confirmed the specifics in that respect.


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