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Empire Spinoff: Taraji P. Henson Starer CANCELLED At Fox! What’s The Fate Of The Drama Series?

Taraji P. Henson starrer spinoff of the popular drama Empire will not be moving forward as per reports by Variety. Henson was supposed to be back with her very popular role in the drama as Cookie.

The finale of the original Empire series concluded in April this year and the news of the development of the spinoff started doing the rounds in July. The spinoff was reportedly being considered to be potentially based on a new chapter in Cookie’s life.

Will Empire Spinoff never come out?

Well, as per all the buzz that started about it right from July this year, things looked quite sure. Danny Strong, who is the co-creator of the series, was announced as the co-showrunner of the spinoff version along with Yolanda Lawrence and Stacy Littlejohn from the original drama. Also, it was made very clear that Taraji P. Henson will reappear as the lead of the show, Cookie. Reportedly, Sanaa Hamri was supposed to serve as the director of the spinoff.

The spinoff of Empire could be facing some issues due to the fact that 20th Television and Fox are no longer a part of the same company unlike the time when the project was announced. As of now, 20th Entertainment, which has been acquired by Disney, continues to own the show. But, Fox Entertainment has no stake in it. So, things are quite a bit complicated there.

Taraji P. Henson IMAGE: W Magazine

Now, after the news of cancellation of the show at Fox, fans are left wondering whether they’ll ever be able to enjoy a spinoff that appeared so promising a few months back. Well, as per a trusted source, though the show won’t be moving forward at Fox, ABC and Hulu are going to shop for this project.

Having said that, there isn’t any official word that confirms this information, so we suggest you to take it with a pinch of salt.

What Else Is Next For Henson?

It was only after Henson’s first look deal with studio 20th Television that the spinoff’s news started surfacing. Other than this project, Henson is also a part of some more TV projects currently in development.

Henson’s already huge popularity took a great leap when Empire came out in 2015. Viewers and critics were both very generous in giving the much-deserved recognition to her role and the show. This amazing role and her talent brought her a Golden Globe award for the best actress in the drama series genre.

Furthermore, she was also nominated twice for the prestigious Emmy awards!

Taraji P. Henson has continued to climb up and up on the success charts after Empire, including her recent Oscar-nominated film, Hidden Figures. Let’s wait for the spinoff to find an amazing and quick way to our screens with Taraji P. Henson’s magical performance as Cookie.

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