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Studio Colorido’s Drifting Home Anime Movie Releases New Teaser Trailer!

Drifting Home is an upcoming fiction, slice-of-life anime movie produced by Netflix and animated by Studio Colorido. After releasing two successful animated featured films, Studio Colorido has taken up a new adventurous venture once again in the form of Drifting Home and after watching the teaser trailer (link attached below), honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.

Drifting home will be an original animated movie, so not a lot about its plot has been revealed yet, but from the looks of the trailer, we get a brief idea. However, one thing is for sure, Netflix is once again going all out this year. Releasing one anime movie trailer after another, the members of the streaming platform cannot hide their excitement anymore! Not to mention With Studio Colorido on the animation team we can expect the movie to pack some real emotional punch. Having produced two award-winning films – Penguin Highway and Whiskers away, I think it is safe to safe to say that every fan including ourselves will have incredibly high expectations with their new project.

Plot Of Drifting Away

Image: Netflix

The story of the movie will highlight the life of childhood friends, who while playing in an abandoned housing complex, find themselves getting transported into the middle of the ocean! With no idea of how they got there and how to get out, the kids must now fight for their lives while trying to find a way to return from where they came from. But, exactly how the hell did they get there? And why? To find out the answer to all of these questions do not forget to watch Drifting Home all set to begin streaming on Netflix in 2022!

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Image: Netflix

With soo many anime movies releasing on Netlfix during the same timeline as Drifting away it is obvious that the pressure on the movie performing well will be intense and the recently garnered attention on Studio Colorido and their recent success has only pushed the bar higher. Will Studio Colorido’s Drifting Away be able to live up to its hype? Or will it get lost under the shadow of other great works? We’ll just have to wait and find out!



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