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Drifting Home: Third Full-length Anime Movie In Production

Drifting Home Key Visual
Drifting Home Anime Movie Key Visual Image: Netflix

Drifting Home is an exciting and brand-new anime movie that is soon going to be a part of Netflix’s huge library. The adventurous movie is going to be animated by none other than Studio Colorido itself, which is credited for animating well-known animated movies like A Wiskers Away and Penguin Highway.

Through Tudum, a Netflix Global Fan Event, it was announced that Ame o Tsugeru Hyōryū Danchi or Drifting Home would be the third full-length anime film to be made by Netflix. This movie will be available to stream on Netflix and will premiere in 2022 for the international audience. For the Japanese audience however, Drifting home will be releasing on theatres pretty soon!

Along with the announcement made, a new key visual, as well as a trailer, was also released.

What Is The Plot Of Drifting Home:

This anime film Drifting Home is about six kids all of them out of curiosity visits an abandoned old apartment complex. These kids get trapped in the complex and soon find out that a strange supernatural phenomenon is happening there. They soon realized that the apartment is now Drifting in the vast blue ocean. Now they must plan out a strategy to reach their home.

Key visual shows six kids falling from the sky into the vast sea without land. As they fall, they are trying to get a hold of each other. Their summer farewell journey has started.

Drifting Home Scene

Drifting Home Anime Movie Visual
Image: Netflix

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Their summer farewell journey has started. Will they reach land, and what are the obstacles they will face? And all such questions will be answered once the movie hits theaters.

Staff Of The Movie:

Hiroyasu Ishida is the director of the anime film for which Hayashi Mori has written the script. Ishida and Mori are both well known for their previous works. Ishida for Penguin Highway, Fumiko’s Confession while Mori for Cells at Work! and Code Black.

Cast Of Drifting Home:

Netflix has introduced the two main characters, namely Kosuke (white shirt) and Natsume (salmon shirt). But, No cast has been revealed by the production house, neither for Japanese dub nor English dub.

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