Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: Goku vs Moro


Dragon Ball is one of the oldest manga series yet the most popular and fan-favorite manga even now. It’s been more than 30+ years, and still people go crazy over this manga. Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to this all-time favorite Japanese manga series. The events in this sequel manga series takes place during the ten-year time skip after Majin Buu’s defeat during the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. The story follows Goku’s adventures for gaining god powers while he travels to different other universes to face more powerful opponents.

Enough of the history lectures about Dragon Ball Super. Let’s move head ahead to talk about the present. The 66th chapter of the manga is around the corner for its release. In this article, we will be sharing all the details you need to know about the upcoming chapter of the manga Dragon Ball Super.

Release Date: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

The upcoming chapter of the manga Dragon Ball Super, i.e., Chapter 66, is all set to release on 20 November 2020 Friday.

Merus’s Powers

The manga has a fixed monthly schedule for the release of a new chapter. The manga releases a new chapter once every month.

Where to read Chapter 66:

The upcoming as well the previous chapter of the manga are available on the following platforms officially:

VIZ Media
Manga Plus
Shonen Jump Android App

Recap to Chapter 65

In the previous chapter of the manga, Moro attacks Goku but fails due to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Moro gets exhausted, and Bearus gets furious that Moro cannot succeed in this. Goku says that Moro is very weak and asks him to get stronger to fight again.

Goku vs. Moro | Goku’s ultra instinct

Moro takes the amulet of Merus and puts it on his forehead. Furious Goku turns back to Ultra Instinct form. Goku promises to protect the galaxy no matter what. With Merus’s power, Moro attacks Goku causing him to suffer a huge blow. Even after an intense fight, Goku seems calm. Frustrated, Moro throws a hammer fist that hits the ground. Goku, in defense, kicks Moro leading him to vomit some blood.

Leaked Spoilers of Chapter 66 – Dragon Ball Super

Almost more than 15 days are left for the release of the upcoming chapter of the anime. As of now, there aren’t’ any major spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66. Even the raw scans will release 2-3 days before the official release date.

But as per what happened in the previous chapter, we can tell chapter 66 to be about Moro and Goku.

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