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Dr. Stone Chapter 161: How Will Chrome React?

The scientific battle between Senku and Dr. Xeno is heading towards the end. Dr. Stone manga currently in the “New American City” arc. The manga creator is one and only Riichiro Inagaki. Moreover, in the previous chapter Senku and Stanley fought. Stanley shot Senku, and all the responsibility has been fallen onto Chrome. Hence, Chrome has given the responsibility of being the scientist of the group. In the upcoming chapter, we will find out what happens next. Let us not waste time and dig deep into the release date, and more about Dr. Stone Chapter 161.

When will Dr. Stone Chapter 161 release?

Because of the Olympics event, Dr. Stone manga was on a break for a while. However, now it has resumed, and the release of the next chapter is confirmed. The upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 161 will be releasing on August 9, 2020. The chapter will release at 9:30 AM (PDT).

The websites on which you can read the manga chapters online are mentioned ahead in this article.

Dr. Stone Chapter 161
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Where to read Dr. Stone chapters?

The digital copies of the Dr. Stone manga are available at the website mentioned below:

Moreover, you may grab a hard copy of the manga. The chapters of the manga are published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. None the less the applications by Manga plus and Shonen Jump releases the chapters.

Note that the upcoming part contains scans form the next chapter 161. You can skip the piece if you don’t want to go through it.

The Dr. Stone anime is also streaming on Crunchyroll:

Leaked Scans from chapter 161

One of the scans portrays Xeno holding a stone. The stone looks similar to that of Medusa (a monster). Therefore, it is likely that Medusa has possessed Xeon! The stone is considered as the petrification weapon. The weapon which can destroy everything. One of the most potent weapons: rock. Xeno is leading one of the science group. Meanwhile, Senku leads another science group.

There is a possibility that Medusa is not in the picture. The weapon could be of Gen. Meanwhile, he would have saved this type of weapon for a situation like this. Moreover, Gen has been kept captive by scientist Xeno.

Some of the fans think that the Kingdom of Science will attack Xeno. The stone is just a part of the plan. Not to forget that Senku was considered to be dead by the group members of Xeno. As thy shot Senku in the chest. But, the reality is wholly different. Senku survived the shot! Moreover, as Senku is fired, the responsibilities have come over to Chrome. To know how Chrome handles the situation read the Dr. Stone Chapter 161.

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