Doors Of Stone 2021 Release Date Confirmed By Amazon

Patrick Rothfuss (Image: Wired)

Doors of Stone is essentially a name that rings with all bookworms. The third and most likely the final installment in Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Kingkiller Chronicle” is rumored to be out this year, and fans are experiencing a tremendous amount of doubt.

Doors of Stone coming in 2021?

A follow-up in Patrick’s star piece, Doors Of Stone is a widely anticipated and awaited book. The second piece of the Kingkiller trilogy, “The Wise Man’s Fear,” came out in 2011, and it has been ten years ever since. However, no release date has been given for the book. All through the years, several rumored release dates have come up, but as of now, we know nothing. All of this delay has earned Patrick Rothfuss a reputation similar to George R. R. Martin.

The million-dollar question is still lingering, but the author keeps on updating readers from time to time. Patrick says that deadlines do not matter anymore. Therefore, the book will be released as and when it is completed. He also says that since he finished the trilogy before it debuted, Patrick must edit it thoroughly since back then, he wasn’t so great of a writer (that’s what he thinks!).

Are any Drafts available for the book?

Doors Of Stone
Draft for Doors Of Stone (Image: Reddit)

As mentioned above, the book is already finished, and even Rothfuss confirmed this. Back in 2013, he released a picture of the first draft of the book on Google+. Despite the sad demise of Google+, the image, which is a hopeful sight for many bookworms, lives on in Reddit threads. However, the editor of the series mentioned in a Facebook post that she has not seen even a single draft sheet, throwing fans’ hope in the fire. As of now, no cover, current, or extract has been released for the book.

Spoilers for Doors Of Stone

Though late in delivering the book, the author does not fail to drop spoilers from time to time. In several interviews, he mentioned that Kvothe would travel a lot more in this book. He also said that the bard might visit the “three-part city” Renere. In 2017, he said that the book would also put some light on how Kvothe became an innkeeper and how he met Bast, his future apprentice.

Doors Of Stone
The first two installments of the Kingkiller series (Image: Newsweek)

Patrick says that ‘Doors Of Stone’ will conclude the Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy; it will not be the end of Temerant. Fans also hope that the book will tie up all loose ends from the past two installments, seeing how Rothfuss is so diligent with it. Though Patrick says it will be shorter than the last one’s 994 pages, it still leaves a lot of space for a pleasant and satisfying end.

In a fundraiser, Patrick said that, unlike the past books, which revolve primarily around the University, Doors Of Stone would only have 20-50 percent of its story originating from the place. He dropped many false plot points in the fundraiser, but such a number seems too specific to be a lie.

Kingkiller Chronicle: Plot

The book takes place in the fictional universe of Temerant, which is a large continent. In this exists the Four Corners of Civilization which is divided into many other nations. The story revolves around the keeper of Waystone Inn, Kote, who is later revealed to be the Kvothe- an unparalleled swordsman, musician, and magician who is also rumored to have killed a king. The event earned him the title Kingkiller and started a war that currently wages in his world.

The Quill award recipient’s most renowned work has now kept fans waiting for quite a well. Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well, and fans wait patiently to see what becomes of their Kvothe.


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