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Diamond No Ace Act 2 Returns After A Two Month Hiatus

I think it’s fairly common for fans of a manga to have a panic attack whenever they hear that it is going on a hiatus. All of us end up worrying far too long and end up thinking about all the worst kinds of things, like what if it never gets published again? Or what if the hiatus becomes permanent. It seems that the term “Hiatus” is the most feared word in manga fans’ life. So, when Yuji Terajima, one of the most brilliant writers, who has been consistently publishing his work every week, decided to take a break from Diamond No Ace, we all, as usual, ended up assuming the worst. The PTSD from Hunter X Hunter hitting us hard.

However, if you ask me, it’s all about perspective. If you’re a writer, a lot of you would understand the term named “writer’s block,” where you just cannot seem to understand how to progress with the story any further. You can toil and toil all you want, but if it doesn’t hit you, then you won’t be able to write. Therefore, writers’ block is a very common thing even with one of the most brilliant of mangakas, and when you’re writing a meticulous, practical, and extremely realistic story like Diamond No Ace, then you have to be even more careful.

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If you’ve read the manga or have seen the anime, you’ll understand what I’m saying. Out of all sports animes that have ever been made, no one, and I mean absolutely none, of the animes even match the realistic approach like Diamond No Ace. There is no sugarcoating, a genius or prodigy. There is just hard work. This fact is one of the reasons why Diamond No Ace is the best sports manga ever written and animated.

Therefore, like many authors, Yuji took time off to further research the sport and carefully analyze where he wants the story to go next. All the anime fans have been desperately waiting for a season 4 to get released, but as the manga readers know, the source content is still way too low to make a 50 episode season as of yet.

However, the Hiatus ends now! Diamond No Ace is all set to make its comeback in the weakly shounen magazine on the 4th of August 2021. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on this summer because Sawamura Eijun is coming back!



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