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Desert Punk Manga To Reach Its Conclusion This October

Masatoshi Usune a writer and summarizer of the manga series Desert Punk. The manga series is closer to reality. Moreover, the manga series started serializing since 1997. The Comic bean magazine published the chapters. Then after a long break in 2009, the manga came back. The manga published again in the Comic Beam magazine in the monthly September 12 issue. Let us know more about the Desert Punk Manga in this article.

About Desert Punk Manga

Total thirteen volumes published when then manga serialized for the first time in 1997. After that, the anime adaption was made by GONZO animation studio. The anime comprised of twenty-four episodes. The anime ran from the year 2004 to 2005. Meanwhile, Takayuki Inagaki was the director of the anime series.

Funimation did the licensing of the seriesMeanwhile, manga distributed in Japan and France.

After a break, the manga came back in 2009. Yet, in 2010, the chapters stopped publishing. The chapters resumed publishing from 2013. Moreover, in 2019 the twenty-first volume of the manga published. The volume got published in Kadokawa’s magazine.

Desert Punk Manga
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In June 2020, the Monthly Comic Beam issue announced a news. The news was that Desert Punk Manga would be concluded in the upcoming September. That means the penultimate issue of the manga will be launching soon.

One of the two chapters from the final volume will be published soon. Moreover, the chapter would publish on Wednesday.

Over seventy thousand copies of each volume of manga are sold in Japan. What! O my god!!!!! Now someone can know how popular is the manga.

Characters of Desert punk

The main characters of the series are as mentioned below:

Moreover, the supporting characters are Junko Asagiri, Rain Spider, Mugenya, and Kaizuka.

Little about the plot

The storyline is about the hypothetical real-life Japan. Moreover, Japan, at that time, was known as ” The Great Kanto Desert.” In the past, there was a nuclear disaster in Japan. Due to that, it diminished into a desert. An adventurer named Kanto Mizuno is wandering here and there. The story focuses on his adventures. Kanto gained a high reputation in his area. Furthermore, he is a legend there.

But, everyone has a weakness. Kanto also has one. His shortcomings are women.


The manga is on the verge of completion. This Wednesday, the second last chapter of the manga will publish. Moreover, the final chapter of the manga will be coming next month. Kodakawa’s Comic Beam magazine publishes the chapters every month. Fans get excited to have some great climax of your favorite manga.

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