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Dengeki Bunko Magazine’s Last Print on Friday

In December 2007, This magazine succeeded the Dengeki HP magazine. ASCII Media Works had released it. The digital version of the magazine started coming out from 2014. This magazine has its major focus on light novels. It also focuses on manga adaptations of light novels.

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One of the major hits was the Dengeki Bunko magazine featuring;

  1. Sword Art Online Project Alicization 
  2. Sword Art Online: Girls Ops manga

Also, Few of the most popular novels featured in the Dengeki Bunko magazine are;

  1.  Shachō, Battle no Jikan Desu!
  2.  Adachi to Shimamura

Furthermore, other than stopping the magazine, Kadokawa recently interrupted the production of Dengeki Playstation. Recently in March, they shifted the rights to an irregular production schedule which were released as few special copies of manga magazines and novels in it.

UPDATE:  It was stated by Magazine “while we are exploring the new shape of media, you can find our latest information online and through SNS.” It was also stated that “Dengeki Bunko Magazine will be back.”

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