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Demon Slayer Episode 6 Rengoku Vs Akaza

The Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc is now reaching its end, with the 7th episode releasing next week marking its end, the fans of the series couldn’t be more excited. But from the looks of it, we aren’t going to be too happy about the ending.

In the last episode of Kimetsu No Yaiba, Innosuke and Tanjiro managed to defeat the demon that had merged with the train, but in the process, our beloved protagonist Tanjiro ended up getting stabbed by the train engineer.

In episode 6 we see the Demon dying and the train getting derailed from the tracks, with many passengers injured but thankfully with the efforts of Rengoku, Zenitsu, and Nezuko, no fatalities were recorded.


Meanwhile, Tanjiro is struggling with his wound, being left on the ground and unable to move. It was then that Rengoku shows up and teaches him how to close his wounds with the help of a concentration on his breathing.

With that being said, just when everyone was taking a sigh of relief and thinking that the hellish nightmare of Mugen Train might be over, we are left absolutely shell-shocked when the Upper Kizuki rank no. 3 named Akaza enters the battle.

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With extremely high regeneration abilities and superhuman strength, he fights Rengoku head-on, trying to convince him to become a demon like him and live forever. However, Rengoku with all his might keeps Akaza at bay, getting injured repeatedly.

With the intense battle going on both Innosuke and Tanjiro realize, the strength of the upper Kizuki demons and how even a Hashira is struggling so much against them becomes very clear and they witness the difference in their powers.


It is revealed in episode 6 that the upper echelons of Kibutsushi Muzan’s ranks have remained unchanged for centuries, proving that no demon slayer, even the Hashira ranking ones have been able to kill the upper ranks for years. Making the viewers realise how difficult it will be for the entire demon slayer corps to stand up against them.

And if the upper-ranking demons are this powerful, then exactly how powerful would be Kibutsushi Muzan himself, living and creating demons for thousands of years.

Demon Slayer
Silhouette of Upper Ranking Demons.

In episode 7 we will most likely see the fight between Rengoku and Akaza conclude and see who makes it out alive. But, seeing the powers of the upper demons it is safe to say that the journey of Tanjiro to avenge his family’s death will be filled with intense fights, hardships, and heartbreaks.

Do not forget to watch episode 7 of Demon Slayer the Mugen train Arc coming out on 28th November 2021.

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