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Deca Dence Episode 9 Release Date And More

People are loving the Deca Dence anime series. Only three episodes left to air. That is not very great news. However, be happy about the classic ending of the anime. One will come across phenomenal stunts and scenes. Till the date, the anime has not lack to entertain us. Suppose you have not watched the anime. I suggest to start the anime series right now. You would love it. What would come next? Will Kaburagi rescue his real body? Let us have a look at the recap of the previous episode. Also, know the release date and the platforms to stream the same. To watch the preview of the upcoming episode 9 read till the end.

Release date of Deca Dence Episode 9

The previous episode of the anime aired on August 26, 2020. Every Wednesday the newest episodes of the anime releases. Note that the airing time varies according to your region.

The upcoming Deca Dence Episode 9 will release on September 3, 2020. The airing time, according to Japan Standard Time, is 11:30 PM.

Deca Dence Episode 9
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Recap of episode 8

Karuragi was unable to get saved by Natsume. Therefore, Natsume was upset about that thing. Then Kaburagi went to destroy Gadol factory. Donatello assured Kaburagi to help him sneak inside. Natsume was fierce to destroy Gadol because that destroyed his childhood.

Meanwhile, Kaburagi sneaked inside the factory. Donatello and Kaburagi are on the mission to save the future Kaburagi. Moreover, they found the real body of Kaburagi. Meanwhile, the boss of Gadol factory noticed something unusual. He understood that both Donatello and Kaburagi are up to something. So, he ordered to close the system to stop them.

Meanwhile, in the other world, Kaburagi’s friends are waiting for him. What will happen if Gadol system stops? Will Donatello and Kaburagi succeed in rescuing Kaburagis real body? Watch the episodes for more.

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Where to watch?

The episodes of Deca Dence are available on the following platforms:

These episodes are available in Japenese audio. However, it does have English subtitles. The emotions of the anime can be entirely understood while watching it in its original audio.

The preview of deca dence episode 9:

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