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Deca Dence Episode 7: Driveshaft

The Deca Dence anime season one is on the verge to finish. What turn will the ongoing story of Kaburagi and Natsume? The upcoming episodes will have the answer to the question. Kaburagi is determined to help Natsume in every manner. However, in the war against Gadol, he went missing! What happens next. Let us see ahead in the article. Meanwhile, we will come across the release date of Deca Dence Episode 7. Also, let us know what happened in the previous episode.

Release Date of Deca Dence Episode 7

The previous episode of the anime released on August 12, 2020. Every week the new episodes air on Thursday or Wednesday. The timing of the airing of the episode is 23:30 (Japan Standard Time). Note that the schedules differ according to your region.

The upcoming Deca Dence Episode 7 will release on August 20, 2020. Moreover, in some regions due to time difference, it may release on August 19, 2020.

Let us have a look at the preview of episode 7:

Previously on episode 6

During the war, Kaburagi went missing. He was taken to another world. That part can not access the Deca Dence. With another cyborg, Kaburagi is working as a slave. It was saddening. Moreover, to talk with Tanker girl, Kaburagi has to go back to Deca Dence.

Meanwhile, in Deca Dence, Natsume is playing with a pet. She has no idea where Kaburagi is! When Kureno asked about Kaburagi, Natsume told him he has been missing for a while. Yet she was determined to fight against Gadol and defeat him. However, Kaburagi tries to escape from another world. However, the guards are more stringent than he expected.

Meanwhile, Jil asked the reason for Kaburagi to escape and go to Deca Dence. He replied. Then after Donatello told him to take part in Divine Death, in that game, Kaburagi managed to defeat Donatello. Also, while Donatello was drowning, Kaburagi helped him. Because of his loyalty, everyone was impressed. Later then Donatello told him a way to go back to Deca Dence.

Where to watch the anime

The episodes of Deca Dence anime are available on the websites mentioned below:

Both Hulu and Funimation do have all the episodes according to the schedule. All the episodes to 6 are available right now on both the platforms.

Moreover, the episodes have Japanese audio along with English subtitles.

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