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Deca Dence Episode 10 Release Date And More

Deca Dence is loved by fans in the game format and anime series. The anime season will end soon. So, viewers get ready for a thrilling climax. Last episode was fascinating as we know. If you have not watched this anime, then you should. There are many different anime which are watched in millions due to the pandemic. What twists might happen in the remaining two episodes? Let us find out by watching the upcoming episodes. Let us find out the release date of Deca Dence Episode 10. Also, know what happened in the previous episode.

Release date of Deca Dence Episode 10

The previous episode of the anime series aired on September 3, 2020. Viewers enjoyed it. Do not forget to watch if you have not yet—the episodes air every week on Wednesday.

So, the upcoming Deca Dence Episode 10 is scheduled to air on September 9, 2020. The airing time is 11:30 PM as per Japan Standard Time. Have a look at some given timings of different regions:

  • 7:29 AM PDT on September 9
  • 10:29 AM EDT on September 9
  • 2:29 PM UTC on September 9
  • 3:29 PM BST on September 9
  • 4:29 PM CEST on September 9
  • 12:29 AM AEST on September 10
Deca Dence Episode 10
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Synopsis of the anime

The humans are on the verge on extinction. The drama starts with monsters killing humans and taking over the earth. Meanwhile, some humans escaped and went to hide in an enclosed area. The humanity survived in a small quantity. But one day a hero of the series wanted to go on an adventure out of the impenetrable walls. He went out with his friends.

Some day, the villains came to know about the existing humankind. And again, humans were put in danger. However, Natsume, a hero of the anime, determined that he will save humans from Gadolls. What will happen? Are humans destined to get distinct? Or Natsume with his friends will succeed in saving humankind!?

The ending episodes will entertain with best possible way. Viewers get ready for some fun.


Where to watch Deca Dence?

The anime series is available on many platforms. However, one must use official websites to stream the episodes. By doing so, we can support the anime and manga producers, writers, and artists. Some of the official platforms are mentioned below:

The episodes are available in Japanese audio with English subtitles.

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