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Death Note 2 | Release CONFIRMED? Find out more

I say Death Note, and hardly there will be any anime fans who aren’t aware of this. Ever since the anime came to an end, we all are desperately waiting for its renewal. The only thing that goes in the minds of the viewers is what will happen next? Will there be a season? Years have passed, and there is no word about it yet.

Recently, the live-action version of Death released on Netflix. Although initially, the fanbase of the original anime was not happy with it. However, surprisingly the live-action movie turned out to be a hit. And ever since its release, a new ray hope is growing in everybody’s heart. There seems to be a possibility of Death Note returning with a Season 2. 

If there is a season 2, then when will it release? What will the plot be about? Who will be in the cast? To answer these questions, we are here with a new article. In this article, we will be sharing with you about all the latest updates on Death Note Season 2.

Death Note 2: Release Date

As of now, there is no official information about the release of Death Note 2.

If there is a season 2, then the movie may release in theatres before hitting the online stream platform Netflix.


Just like the previous movie release, this release will also be pretty big and high profile. In 2017, during the FrightFest event, the premiere of Death Note movie took place. Speculations are going around that the premiere of season 2 will take place at Sitges.

What will be the story about?

The movie Death Note 2 will be an adaptation of the original Japanese manga. Although as of now there no official word about what the storyline will be about. But it seems like the sequel will take off from where it ended in the first film.

Will the upcoming part of the movie follow the basic storyline from the manga or will the story drift away?

If we compare the Death Note rules in the first film with the original manga, there some major changes. So it seems like there are going to be some plot variations and additions again in the second film as well.

As per the story of the original manga, there is a new character Misa Amane who also possess a Death Note. She is a famous model cum actress. Another Shinigami, named Rem, gives her this notebook.

Hence we can expect the story of the second film to focus on this. Two death notes and a new character is going to create quite a bizarre for Light.

Till we get more updates on Death Note 2, keep reading for other updates and stay tuned.

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