FXX’s Dave renewed for Season 2: Release Dates and Cast Revealed

Dave Season 2
Dave Season 2

FXX’s comedy show Dave released in March 2020, garnered large amounts of success due to the exciting plotline and developing characters. Season 1 (click to watch Season 1 trailer) came to an end on April 29th, 2020, with just ten episodes, each 24-32 minutes long. Not long after, due to the series popularity, Dave season 2 was confirmed to be produced and aired.

This American comedy series which aired last year, came from the brilliant mind of a vastly famous rapper Lil Dicky. Jeff Shaffer also helps in creating the show. Other brilliant minds like Kevin Hart work on the production of the show. No doubt that it garnered the fame it did.

Dave Season 1
Picture from an episode of Dave Season 1

Release Date of Dave Season 2

No specific date has yet been revealed for Dave season 2. However, many believe it will follow the same timeline (of spring) as it did for Season 1. However, due to the pandemic and difficulty in shooting the series, no confirmation of release has been revealed. There have also been no recent reports on whether the series has started filming again. Many fans hope to get season 2 sometime in the middle of 2021.

Premise of the show

The show is based on sort of a biographical account of the life of Lil Dicky (real name – Dave Burd), where he fictionalizes his character to fit into the role. The main character of the series, Dave, is a neurotic man in his late twenties who believes that he is the best rapper in the world. However, believing in himself is not enough, and he has to convince everyone around him as well. Dave starts by convincing his friends of this theory. He then decides to take their help in convincing the rest of the world of his greatness.

Cast Of The Dave Season 2

The main character, Dave, is played by none other than Dave Burd himself. Other appearances on the show also include GaTa (as himself), Andrew Santino (as Dave’s roommate and Manager), Taylor Misiak (as Dave’s girlfriend), and so on. Season 2 of the series is expected to continue with a similar, if not the same, cast of season 1.

Dave Season 1 Cast
The Cast of Dave Season 1

The show has also had many notable guest appearances ranging from Justin Bieber to Marshmello to Kourtney Kardashian and various others.

What can we expect from Dave Season 2?

With the 1st season coming to an end on Dave breaking up with his girlfriend, getting a hit single at his live show, and bagging a record deal – it seems that Dave Season 2 will continue to tell the viewers his story.

Given that the show is loosely based on the rapper’s actual life, the audience can expect real-life events to be told theatrically through the series.

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