Date A Live Season 4: Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Image: Anmo SUGOI

The popular rom-com anime Date A Live is set to make a comeback with a new season named Date A Live IV. On top of that, Date A Live spinoff- Date A Bullet is also getting a TV anime adaptation. Series creator Koshi Tachibana recently teased a new Date A Live project, and fans are thrilled by the news.

Season 4 Release Date and what next

Recently Koshi Tachibana tweeted a picture of Nio Honjou, Mukuro Hoshimiya, teasing a new project. The image pointed out that Date A Live season 4 is under production. Though some fans hoped for the new project to be a movie, the disappointment has not weighed down fans’ joy. Officially the studio has not mentioned a release date, but the new season will be out in Spring  2021. Check out the teaser here: 

Another splendid news is the anime adaptation of Date A Bullet. A spinoff of the Date A Live series, it focuses on Kurumi Tokisaki (also known to be the worst spirit). The confirmation of an anime adaptation has left fans in awe. Jun Nakagawa will direct the new season, replacing Keitaro Motonaga, who ran the first three seasons. Talentless Nana fame Fumihiko Shimo acts as the screenwriter for the new season. Studio Geek Toys will produce season 4 instead of J.C.Staff.

Date A Live storyline and additional facts

Date A Live is a light novel series written by Koshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, based on a fictional world. The story begins with a strange occurrence known as a “Space quake,” which destroys the center of Eurasia, leaving over 100 million dead. After this, many more minor space quakes keep on occurring. One day high schooler Shido Itsuko finds a mysterious girl at ground zero of a space quake. Through his sister Kotori, Shido learns the girl is a “Spirit” who are mythical beings responsible for space quakes. After being recruited by an organization named Ratatoskr, and is asked to ‘seal’ the Spirits. There is only one catch-  Shido must make her fall in love with him to seal a Spirit.

Date A Live season 4 (Image: Tokyo Otaku Mode)

When was Date A Live released?

Date A Live was first released in 2011, initially published by Fujimi Shobo. In 2020 Yen Press announced that it had licensed the novel. The light novel series, whose latest 22nd volume premiered on 19 March last year, has been a colossal hit in Japan. Consequently, Kadokana made it into a manga which quickly became unpopular and went out of print. The anime adaptation of the series began in 2013, and it has been very successful. With season 3 ending on 29 March 2019, season 4 will continue on the Date A Live’s fantasy world. You can stream the past seasons on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The series also contains a film titled Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement, which came out on 22 August 2015.

The recent developments about Date A Live have made viewers very happy as they patiently wait for further updates about the series. With a two-year gap between Date A Live season 4 and 3, fans are excited about the new season.  For more exciting news about Date A Live and more, stay tuned!


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