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Dance Dance Danseur A Dream Come True Anime Coming Out In 2022!

Every kid in their childhood has some pretty unique dreams; some kids want to be an astronaut, some want to be a footballer, some a singer, some a dancer. From a child’s point of view, the future is filled with hopes, aspirations, and possibilities. However, it is when we grow up do we realize how hard it is to achieve one’s dreams. The most shocking and brutal truth is that before the world could get a chance to show us the bitter truth, it is often our loved ones who end up crushing our dreams first. Our parents become the very reason why some of our dreams never come true. The unique slice of life anime Dance Dance Danseur that is releasing soon will highlight this very topic and portray how it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams!

The plot of Dance Dance Danseur revolves around the life of Junpei, a young boy idly snoozing away in his sister’s dance recital. However, Junpei’s life completely changes when a male dancer steps forward, enchanting him and everyone with his amazing performance and talent. Truly moved by the amazing portrayal of art by the dancer, Junpei finds himself falling in love with dancing and realizes that this is what he wants to do in his life. However, little did he know that this transient happiness was only momentary. After a tragedy that ends up taking his father’s life, Junpei now takes the responsibility of becoming the man of the house and decides to leave behind his dreams and pursues to become the manliest of man.


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However, can a person really so easily give up on their dreams?  That elated feeling, that sense of spark, the happiness, will Junepi really be able to give that all up? Or will dance find a way to make its way back into his life? Make sure to find out the answer to all of these questions pretty soon because Dance Dance Danseur Season 1 is all set and ready to make a big hit on your screen from the spring of 2022!

The manga series, which received rave reviews and has won many awards, is now finally going to get its own anime adaptation, and the readers of the manga couldn’t be more excited. The show that is going to be hitting a lot of stereotypes is the one anime that you absolutely cannot miss. Therefore make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscriptions lined up because Dance Dance Danseur is coming to enchant you away pretty soon!

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