Constantine Director Says They’d Film A Sequel Tomorrow

The 2005 film Constantine, based on DC/Vertigo’s popular Hellblazer comic book about a mystic who can communicate with angels and demons, was not a resounding success. But the movie’s principals — actor Keanu Reeves, director Francis Lawrence and producer Akiva Goldsman — very much wanted to make a sequel.

“Boy, we wanted to.  We wanted to make a hard ‘R’ sequel,” said Goldsman during a Comic-Con@Home panel, hosted by Collider’s Steve Weintraub, in which Reeves, Lawrence and Goldsman all looked back at the comic book adaptation.

“We’d probably make it tomorrow,” Goldsman continued, “To the studios who made it, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros., it was always a little bit of a feathered fish. Its oddness…the way it was equally comfortable in a character scene between Keanu and Rachel (Weisz) as it is with demons flying, hurling themselves at a man who going to light his fist on fire and expel them.”

Goldsman continued, “It’s odd, right? It’s not really action-packed, it just has a bunch of action. This movie isn’t exactly a thing, it’s kind of a few things, which is what I think is beautiful about it. But those seem harder and harder to make. We’ve talked about it and we’ve had ideas.”


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