Chucky TV Series Sets Brad Dourif to Return for the Title Role

Syfy’s recently trailer-teased Chucky television series just made a move that will likely assuage skeptical fans of the classic Child’s Play horror film franchise, the return of the murderer-possessed-doll’s definitive voice actor, Brad Dourif.

Indeed, the Child’s Play band is getting back together, with star Dourif now secured, joined by creator Don Mancini and perennial producer David Kirschner to tackle a most intriguing small screen serial proposition with Chucky. The series, which manifests under the NBCU umbrella via Universal Studio Group’s Universal Content Productions, will enjoy the platform of two major cable channels in corporate cousins Syfy and USA Network; an advantageous position that just improved, having secured the sinister cackle and brutal one-liners of Dourif’s voice role, which he’s thus-far fielded for seven of the franchise films.

Syfy’s Chucky will see the eponymous effigy stir chaos in an idyllic American town in which he arrives as a yard sale’s vintage item—specifically one of many mass-manufactured “Good Guys” dolls that the evil spirit of Charles Lee Ray regularly inhabits. However, after a series of murders stirs the pot in this peaceful town, Chucky’s own past will catch up to him with the arrival of old enemies and allies. Moreover, the series will actually delve into the origin story of the man who would one day become the demonic doll at the center of the slasher franchise.  

Yet, the past will collide with the present, since the series also aims to bring the classic diminutive death-dealing doll into contemporary times—notwithstanding the modestly-earning 2019 Child’s Play reboot movie, in which Mark Hamill voiced the doll. Indeed, the aim here is to inject the classic Chucky into the zeitgeist in which we live, which has become largely defined by social media, which has created cultural sensibilities that are ironically solipsistic in its extroversion. Consequently, our favorite overalls-rocking reaper of woe will have a completely new set of weapons in his arsenal, some of which may not be as obvious the stabbing utensils he famously wielded in the film series.


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