Chris Pine To Play Walter Cronkite In An Upcoming Movie, Here’s What We Know So Far

Chris Pine To Play Walter Cronkite In An Upcoming Movie, Here's What We Know So Far

Chris Pine is rated to play broadcast icon Walter Cronkite in an upcoming movie about the evening of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Producer of the film Greg Silverman and his Stampede company published Thursday the Wonder Woman and Star Trek franchise actor will lead The Current War director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon‘s Newsflash as the late journalist.

John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas rocked the country, but for Cronkite, it would be a crucial moment in broadcast news history, landing him as the most trusted man in America. Cronkite’s voice then narrates the space race, the Watergate scandal, the Iran hostage crisis, the Vietnam War, and the assassinations Martin Luther King, and John Lennon in the American Television.

The movie takes place on 22nd Nov. in 1963, when Cronkite ‘put everything on the line to get the story right as a president was killed, a frightened nation wept, and television came of age’ in the official synopsis. He would go on to become one of the most trusted people in American news, with many often mentioning that day of reporting as a pivotal moment in his rise to stardom.

Ben Jacoby composed the film’s script, which arrived on the industry Black List before it found a home with Gomez-Rejon and Stampede and Silverman will produce alongside Gideon Yu, Lisa Zambri, Jonathan Lim, and Adam Kolbrenner.

Gomez-Rejon said: Ben’s script excellently captured what it seemed like to be in the newsroom on that fateful day. I notice it as an origin story about a hero born at a time when seeking the truth and embracing a country was more important than winning and ratings, which has never felt more prescient.

A precise release date has yet to be published, as the film is currently being bought to potential buyers at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA.

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