Sword Art Online Watch Order


A very popular anime based on a multiplayer game, Sword Art Online is undoubtedly the most popular of its genre. The anime started way back in 2012 and still remains in the hearts of all fans. SAO’s last season aired in 2019. So the anime ran for quite some time and as expected of such … Read more

Black Clover Watch Order


A member of the new gen’s big three, Black Clover is one awesome anime. Based on a shonen manga written by Yūki Tabata, Black Clover was made into an anime in 2017 and quickly became a mainstream show. Though the anime ran for only three years, Black Clover has about 170 episodes! Today, we will … Read more

Hunter x Hunter Watch Order


One of the longest-running anime and manga of all time, Hunter x Hunter is literally riding the wave. Since its debut in 1998, Hunter x Hunter rose to become a best seller. After this, the manga was adapted into an anime more than once. Just as expected, the anime did extremely well and is still … Read more

Code Geass Watch Order


If an anime has made a lasting name for itself, it is Code Geass. Since its debut 14 years back, the anime has continued to thrill viewers. With an intriguing storyline, well-placed characters, and a vast and expanding universe, Code Geass forms the perfect home for all weebs. Read on to know more about the … Read more

Neon Genesis Evangelion Watch Order

neon genesis evangelion watch order

Many fans consider Neon Genesis Evangelion to be the best anime out there. You may have heard its incredibly catchy opening song that was immortalized through memes, A Cruel Angel’s Thesis. As a newcomer, getting into the show might be a bit tricky. The series includes movies and spin-offs, and it might get messy trying to … Read more