Zombieland Saga Live Event: Date, Cast, And Tickets.


The rap, the rhythm, the charisma, anything you could ask for is coming this weekend. As such, the official Twitter handle of Zombieland Saga has announced a live performance by the cast on October 16th, 2021. Thus, our favorite singers are coming back after the February event. Furthermore, a new singer is added to the … Read more

Harvey Award Admits Inuyasha Writer In Hall Of Fame:


The Harvey Award is like the Oscars of comic books. It’s the most prestigious and oldest award for comic writing. Furthermore, a new set of awards was introduced for manga writing in 2018. This year Rumiko Takahashi, known for her work Inuyasha, was chosen to be included in the Hall Of Fame. Rumiko Takahashi The … Read more

Universal Studio Japan Introduces First Pokemon Project

The theme park idea has always provided excellent revenue. This time Universal Studio Japan is partnering with Pokemon with an extension to its theme park. In addition, the studio also announced a Donkey Kong Extension in 2024. Universal Studios around the globe are successfully running theme parks. Apart from this, a partnership with Pokemon will … Read more

Attack on Titan Manga: The Biggest Manga Gallery Coming To NYC!


Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series serialized from September 2009 until April 2021. It was serialized in Kodansha‘s monthly shōnen manga magazine. Over 100 million tankōbon copies of the manga have been printed worldwide. The Biggest manga exhibition is set to open in New York City, according to recent reports. Announcement Of The … Read more

Sword Art Online Progressive Film To Premiere Soon!

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written and illustrated by abec and written by Reki Kawahara. The light novels for Sword Art Online have sold over 26 million copies worldwide. The series made it to substantial commercial success. The light book series received positive feedback, primarily in later arcs. But other series, … Read more

Demon Slayer Orchestra Concert – Coming Soon


Recently, ODEX has announced that the Demon slayer Orchestra Concert will be released in Singapore. At the screenings, fans will be able to hear music as well as animated snippets. Fans of Demon Slayer have gone bananas at the news. An orchestra concert is the most effective way to maximize the popularity of anime. It … Read more

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Might Halt Due To Rise In Covid-19 Cases


Given the rise and advancement in medical technology, no one ever thought that the scientific community would be crippled this way by a virus that would go on to take millions of lives, render millions jobless and homeless, and would force billions of people to stay trapped at their homes for months! However, COVID-19  gave … Read more

Tokyo Comic-Con is Going Virtual in DECEMBER 2020


Thanks to Coronoviru, another event is on the verge of getting canceled. Already many events like Anime Nebraskon and others got postponed till further notice. Not even just the events many manga and anime release are canceled. Similar to these is the fate of the event Tokyo Comic-Con. Like many other anime conventions, Tokyo Comic-Con … Read more

Kyoto Animation Awards Suspended Until Further Notice


Kyoto Animation Awards’ 11th did not occur last November. It was because of the arson attack which took place in the studio in July 2019. On August 13, Kyoto Animation made an announcement through their website. It made a decision to rehost the Awards event in 2020.“As a result of comprehensive consideration” as well as … Read more

Anime NebrasKon Convention 2020: Annual Event Stays Cancelled


Anime NebrasKon is a famous Anime Convention. It is Nebraska’s one of the longest-running conventions till now! The Anime NebrasKon convention is successfully running since 2004. What is the motive behind Anime NebrasKon? The basic ideology behind this Convention is to connect people and various communities across Japan. These communities include Japanese animations, pop culture, … Read more