Really Love: The New Age Love Story Celebrating Relationships And Self-Worth

Really Love

We have got to give Netflix credits for bringing us feel-good moves and making us fall in love over and over again. Last Month, Netflix introduced another beautiful story, Really Love. Really Love celebrates black relationships and self-worth. It is written by Felicia Pride and directed by Angel Kristi Williams. This lively love story revolves … Read more

Gijinka- The Art Of Turning Strange Things Into Anime

gijinka of windows

The people of the internet, you included, are extraordinary. We do things on this medium that are really shocking (and sometimes revolting), yet we seem to break the barrier every time. One of the most unique things that we have come up with is “Gijinka.” Gijinka is the Japanese word for anthropomorphism, which is basically … Read more

Celebrating an Anime-Inspired Wedding

Celebrating an Anime Inspired Wedding

Some of the most popular wedding themes in the U.S. are classic, bohemian, fairytale, garden, and glamorous weddings, as reported by the Elegant Wedding Directory. However, personalization is also one of the biggest trends of the years so if you are an anime fan, there are few obstacles to you planning an anime-inspired wedding that … Read more

Best Samurai Anime You Must Watch

best samurai anime list

Japanese culture and history have been a major theme used in anime for many years. The richness of the past is of great use for story-telling of the present. We have seen so many animes spawn out of ninja history. But their counterparts and occasional rivals, the samurais, haven’t received as much glory and love—however, … Read more

These Are The Saddest Anime Series That Are Guaranteed To Make You Cry!

Top Saddest Depressing Anime Series Ever

When was the last time you sat down and saw something so profound that it touched your heart and sent you bawling with tears? Many anime fans are attracted to dramatic and emotional animes, and many also find that these sentimental stories connect them with their own lives. Occasionally, you’re just in the mood to … Read more

Best Shy Anime Girls That You Will Fall In Love With

Best Shy Anime Female Characters

There’s a unique charm that comes with shy anime girls; their mousy nature and cute blushing can set the hearts of us viewers enchanted. In the glorious era of anime moe culture, it is only expected that these timid girls would be the highest of appeal. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the best … Read more

Best Anime With Overpowered Main Character

Best overpowered main character in anime

Animes love to show exaggerated characters. They make for great sources of wonder and entertainment for the viewers. Overpowered characters are one such form of exaggeration. These characters are extremely powerful than the power levels that we are used to seeing. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the best anime with op mc. Here OP … Read more

All Dere Types In Anime Explained

dere list, all dere explained

With animes showing various characters having exaggerated personalities, it doesn’t come as a shock that these characters have a sub-culture of their own. Tsundere and Yandere are the most common types of traits familiar to most. However, there are many more interesting Dere traits and characters. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the different … Read more

Top 10 Muscular Buff Anime Girls

muscular anime girls

From the massive Bisuke punching through opponents like they’re dust, to Mikasa taking down Titans many times her size, anime girls are nothing to mess with. With massive and intimidating muscles and a gaze that can pierce through your skull, these ladies constitute the bulkiest of what anime offers. Get ready to be in awe. … Read more