What Is The Meaning Of Fan Service In Anime?


For fans to enjoy any style of entertainment, there has to be some factor that attracts them. Fan service means content that draws fans towards the show, movie, sport, or any form of entertainment. However, the usage of the term is quite different from the literal meaning. In this generation, fan service has a sexual … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of The Term Otaku?


If you are new to the anime world, you have probably come across various new words. Otaku must be one of them. It simply means someone who loves watching anime or playing video games. However, the meaning does not end here. The definition of the word Otaku has been different for various people. So let’s … Read more

What Is Shundere? Top 5 Shundere Anime Characters


If you are an anime lover, I’m sure you are familiar with the dere types. The dere types Tsundere, Yandere, Deredere, Goudere are rather popular. However, many dere types are rare and are not as popular as the others. Today, we will be looking into one such rare kind of dere character archetype – “Shundere.” … Read more

What Is A Waifu?

waifu meaning explained

In this generation, anime/weeb culture is highly popularised. We have encountered many terms that we haven’t heard before. For example, the words “senpai”(meaning senior/master) or “kawaii”(meaning cute). These are words from the Japanese language but are exceptionally known because of their everyday use in anime.  Another familiar term that we bump into is “waifu.” What … Read more