What is Erodere Dere Type In Anime?

Erodere characters are one of the dere-type characters in Japanese anime history. This character acts like a pervert and is lustful in the beginning. But gradually, they become love stuck. Meaning of the Erodere Dere Type The name Erodere (エロデレ) is the combination of “eroi” (エロい) and “deredere” (デレデレ). Eroi means “erotic” and dere means”lovey-dovey.” … Read more

What is Hiyakasudere Dere Type In Anime?

“Hiyakasudere,”  is also known as “Teasedere” (ティーズデレ) or “Smugdere.” This character likes to tease others. They sometimes also flirt with their loved ones. Generally. they act seductive in front of other people. Especially to the ones from whom they want attention. They do not even hesitate to tease them and get embarrassed easily by their own actions … Read more

What is Kitikudere Dere Type In Anime?

“Kitikudere” is also known as “Thugdere” (サグデレ). These characters refer to the ones who act as a bully. They often mistreat others and their love interest. Kitikudere also tries to harm them physically or emotionally to hide their true feelings. Meaning Of the Word The word Kitikudere is the combination of two words “kitiku” (きちく) … Read more

What is Goudere Dere Type In Anime?

Goudere is one of the sere types in Japanese dere characters. This character tends to obtain whatever they think or want to have for his loved ones. They have an intense devotion to their masters. Meaning of G0udere Dere Types The name Goudere (豪デレ) comes from the combination of “gougou” (豪豪) and “deredere” (デレデレ). On one … Read more

What Does Cosplay Mean?

What does Cosplay exactly mean? Several folks have heard of the term. However, does one recognize what its meaning is? Originally, the term Cosplay was created in Japan. The word ‘Cosplay’ combines the English terms ‘Costume’ and ‘Role Play.’ In katakana, it is written as コスプレ (romaji: kosupure); however, in several countries, it continues to be registered merely as Cosplay … Read more

What Does Chibi Mean?

What is Chibi in Anime and Manga

There is another word called Chibi, which is differently used between countries. Here is some additional info on Chibi. Chibi (Hiragana: ちび; Katakana: チビ) is a Japanese slang word which means a short person that is cute because of their slight stature. This word is usually used for teenagers. However, this term also can be used for adults. This definition of Chibi is … Read more

What Is The Undere Dere Type In Anime?

Misa Amane Undere Dere Type In Anime

Undere is an archetype character in Japanese fictional tales. Generally, dere types in anime and manga are unique ways to categorize different characters into specific terms. It makes the process way easier to understand and links the characters with reality. Meaning of Undere Type: An Undere type belongs to the character that often agrees with … Read more

What Is The Byoukidere Dere Type In Anime?


You have probably heard of Dere types in anime and manga. It is a way of classifying different anime characters into specific categories. That makes it easier for us to understand and enjoy the characters.  Moreover, waifus and husbandos are based on these archetypes. There are many dere types. Some are famous like Tsundere, Deredere, Yandere, Dandere, and … Read more

What Is The Dandere Dere Type In Anime?


If you are an anime fan, I’m pretty sure that you have heard of the term “Dere Types.” Like many other terms that have become somewhat famous due to social media, dere types are no different. Multiple types of dere types exist. The famous ones include- Tsundere, Yandere, and Dandere. However, some character archetypes are less prominent than others. Darudere and shundere might … Read more