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Boruto: Mitsuki Now Has His Rebel Army And Data Network

A secret member of the Team 7 has been revealed. Now the search of Hashirama cells will escalate. Team 7 has been working for many days to find the Hashirama cells. However, the route which leads to the place where Hashirama cells are has many difficulties. Team 7 has been fighting bravely. But, they are left with less time. How will they reach to the cells? It is challenging but not impossible. They have got a catalyst which will help them find Hashirama cells. What is that catalyst? Find more in this article. Let us have a look at the spoilers of the Boruto anime episode.

Till now there is no luck for Team 7 members and Boruto on Hashirama cells. They had worked hard. Moreover, they fought battles with many demons. However, the success seems far. If they will get late in acquiring, then shinobi would receive them. Then after the those will be used in evil things.

What type of the story of Boruto is recently going on!

Team 7 since days had stepped in an adventure to search for Hashirama cells. However, the luck is not helping at all. They need to reach the Land of Silence. From there they went to a castle. However, their people got killed. A shinobi stole the jar which queen wanted. A queen and servants were murdered. All blame came on Boruto and other team members. But, that was a lie.

Boruto Mitsuki Has His Rebel Army
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In between their journey, they get a rebel army and mode of transferring data faster. Furthermore and airship was there. In that airship Boruto, Sarda, Mugino and Konohamaru sat. Due to the airship, tracking running enemies becomes easy. In a while, they came on to the ground and were informed to get underground.

Mitsuki got infected with the Hashirama cells. Later, with the help of Yubina. Now, Mitsuki’s blood can cure many who are infected with the cells. Mitsuki’s blood cured Kona, Katras sister. However, during a test subject in Sakuya’s team, she was found with Mituski like antibodies.

Katara wants to be allied with Mitsuki for what he did. He promise to do everything. Katara, with the help of a piping network, started contacting secret resistance. After all agreeing to stay loyal to team 7, the work begins. The data is now transferred with lightning-fast speed. The team can know about the robbery and other danger. Because of super-fast pace, they can reach to the place and fight against the enemies.

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