Boruto: Deepa Vs Team 7; What Will Happen?

Deepa Vs Team 7 Source: Comic book

A great battle in Kara Arc will happen soon. Team 7 is all set to fight the enforcer, Deepa. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have entertained fans for years. There is no doubt that it is one of the best anime of the era. Moreover, the manga has also a significant impact on the readers. The previous anime Naruto was a hit of that times. Not to tell the artwork and story writing are of ultimate level. The sequel is also enjoyable. One of the exciting and most challenging battles are on the anime series. The members of team 7 are Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Konohamaru. Deepa is a villain and point of concern in Land of Silence. Let us see what happens to the members. And how they reach till the Hashirama cells. Know more about Deepa Vs Team 7.

Deepa Vs Team 7
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More about Deepa Vs Team 7

The Hashirama cells are hazardous. And team 7 is on the expedition to find those cells. To reach till this cell, they need to pass the Land of Silence. It is said to be the most dangerous land. Moreover, different creatures will come in the way of team 7.

They have passed almost half the land. Moreover, some of the members have died. But, the team is going strong altogether. But, will they survive anymore? One can not deny how dangerous the situation has become. If the Hashirama cells goes in the wrong hands, then the universe will end soon. No one can stop the damage on will have to face. However, the brave warriors of team seven will not let that happen.

There is one small scene where Deepa come. The villain wants to finish all of them. But, Deepa know that they are on the hunt for Hashirama cells. Moreover, Deepa wants the DNA of the cells.

Before team 7, Deepa defeated Kakui, Marui, and the dangerous on Omoi. One can assume how powerful Deepa is! By the combined efforts of Boruto, Konohamaru, Sarada, and Mitsuki will Deepa be defeated?

Deepa did not kill Omoi. Consistently the devil tortured Omoi and his subordinates. At last Omoi told about the Haze ninjas trying to reach till the cells. Deepa took out Kakui and Marui’s heart from their chest, and left Omoi alive. Omoi was sobbing because of the death of his sub-ordinates.

How will the fight between Deepa and Team 7 go? Watch the anime to know exactly how will it go.