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Boruto chapter 49: Someone Is Going To Die!

It has been a hell of a journey till now. There is no doubt why Boruto is always one of the people’s favorite manga or anime Boruto has always surprised viewers with the engaging plot or spectacular battles. Not to forget the most awaited fight that is on the verge to start. The fans are eager to see how things would go in the fight. The prediction that someone will die during the battle is accurate or not? Let us find out everything regarding Boruto chapter 49.

Will Naruto Die In The Fight?

As the fight will begin in chapter 49, the predictions are made that someone will die. However, it is not sure which character will die. The spoilers convey that the role which you like very much will be dead! Everyone loves Naruto as a character and according to the liking fans like some other characters.

Moreover, there is no reason to get disheartened as it is not confirmed that Naruto will die. Only the predictions are made the he may die. And if not Naruto, then Who? Will it be Boruto? Or will it be Sasuke?

Yet, no one knows. But, let us hope all our favorite characters survive. And, with their power, they can defeat Isshiki.

Boruto Chapter 49
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There is a possibility that more than one character loses their life. One of the aspects that may die can be Masashi Kishimoto. Also, not everyone would die in the upcoming chapter because the fight will start. And, it is unlikely for someone to get hurt that bad that he would die.

Somehow we may expect that the fight would not be very huge. Naruto could back off from the struggle to cool things up. In conclusion, we can not be sure of anything. No matter how things appear, it may entirely change in Boruto chapter 49.

Release Date of Boruto chapter 49

The Boruto chapter 49 will be releasing on August 20, 2020. Usually, the newest episodes, when released, are out at midnight.

Where to read the chapters of Boruto?

You may read the chapters of Boruto: Naruto on the Viz website. Moreover, you may download the Manga Plus App and Shonen Jump App, where you can read those.

Moreover, many predictions are coming from the fans itself. You may have a look at the video where you will find what one of the fans think about the upcoming Boruto chapter 49.


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