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Blue Period Anime Releasing On Netflix Here Is Everything You Want To Know

Blue Period will not go to Netflix Jail but will straight to the Netflix library. And thus, fans can watch episodes weekly. Until now, every anime that Netflix has released, either a Netflix adaptation or Netflix acquired, was only made available to stream only when a season is released. But now, this ritual is going to break. As for the first time in history, Netflix is actually going to release episodes of a brand new anime every week.

Blue Period is an anime based on a Japanese manga Burū Piriodo written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. In October 2021, the anime adaptation by Seven Arcs will premiere. Netflix will launch episodes of Blue Period weekly. As Blue Period is based on manga, its plot will be the same also with some minor modifications.

Plot Of Blue Period (Burū Piriodo) Manga:

Burū Piriodo is about Yatora Yaguchi, a fairly popular boy at school but suffering from inner emptiness and frustrations. Being fascinated and inspired by paintings at his high school’s art club, he tried his hands at painting.

Blue Period MC Yatora Yagachi
Blue Period MC Yatora Yagachi Image: Blue Period

Then after getting inspiration from his friend Ryuji he ends up joining the art club, resulting in being deeply involved in the art. In the process, he end’s up applying to Tokyo University of the Arts as the college of his choice to learn more about art.

Blue Period Release Date For Season 1

On January 19th, 2021 Blue Series anime adaption was officially announced. Anime is being animated at Seven Arcs co., Ltd, with Koji Masunari serving as chief director and Katsuya Asano as director. Blue Period will premier on October 2, 2021, on Super Animeism block on MBS, TBS, and other channels. Blue Period’s Netflix streaming outside Japan will start on October 9, 2021, every week. Everblue is the opening theme performed by Omoinotake while ending theme Replica by Mol-74.


What is Netflix Jail?

While the platform is continuously adding new anime titles to its vast library, anime fans usually have to wait for a certain time to access it. As Netflix releases anime long after its original release, fans have to wait for months after airing in Japan. This situation has become so terrible that fans have given a term to this. Netflix Jail is the term for this situation when an anime is available months after its initial premiere. It is different as Netflix seems to break this ritual with Blue Period releasing its episodes every week. This will finally open doors for other anime series to be released weekly.

Blue Period: English Dub, Episode count

Blue Period will only be available in English subtitles in the weekly run, and fans will have to settle for it. However, it will probably take a little while for Netflix to dub Blue Period. Blue Period will most likely have a run of 12 to 24 episodes as a typical anime has for a season.

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