Celebrating an Anime-Inspired Wedding

Some of the most popular wedding themes in the U.S. are classic, bohemian, fairytale, garden, and glamorous weddings, as reported by the Elegant Wedding Directory. However, personalization is also one of the biggest trends of the years so if you are an anime fan, there are few obstacles to you planning an anime-inspired wedding that truly expresses who you are as a couple. From wedding outfits to food, table décor to choice of venue, there are many choices you can make to lend a little animated flair to a romantic celebration.

Choosing Your Theme

The world of anime is extremely varied, with styles ranging from flamboyant (think Shiki, FLCL, or Samurai Champloo) to simple and direct (Azumanga Daioh or Flowers of Evil spring to mind). When making your choice, try to settle on an artist or work that resonates with both you and your partner; one that you first watched at a significant point of your relationship (for instance, your first date); and one that can be replicated with relative ease. If you are worried that you won’t be able to represent a specific look to perfection, know that many couples limit the influence of their favorite works of art or comics to the colors they choose for features such as flowers or décor.

Celebrating the Philosophy of Your Favorite Creators

The fascination of anime isn’t limited to the aesthetics of its characters. It extends to the philosophy espoused by its creators, with some anime works covering themes such as personal responsibility, social issues, and global warming. Take the anime movie Weathering With You (by the creators of Your Name), about a teenager called Hina, a “sunshine girl” who has the power to stop the rain and to help fight the imminent climatic catastrophe. The film is also romantic, since Hina’s love interest, Hodaka, is also worried about global warming. This anime may inspire you to throw an eco-friendly wedding. Sustainability is actually the buzzword in the wedding industry and many couples are taking steps such as holding smaller (micro) weddings, using reusable, paper or fabric flowers, serving plant-based dishes to guests and using eco-friendly decorations like potted succulents. Keep it consistent by wearing pre-loved clothing, sending your wedding invites digitally, and giving away eco-friendly wedding favors.

Getting Your Look Right

Naruto Hinata NaruHina Wedding Look
Hinata Wedding Look

Your wedding is simply a celebration of who you are so there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to aesthetics. Your wedding attire can be inspired by the outfits of your favorite characters, as can the outfits of your bridal party (bridesmaids and grooms). You may wish to dye or style your hair similarly to a chosen character or wear a piece of jewelry that is considered symbolic in an anime of your choice. Just a few jewelry pieces that may provide inspiration for the design of your wedding jewelry include the magical locket in Sailor Moon, the pocket watch in Full Metal Alchemist, or the star necklace pendant from Naruto.

Food an Ideal Creative Outlet

One area in which you can really go all out in terms of creativity is food. A themed wedding cake featuring your favorite anime characters saying ‘I do’ instead of the classic bride and groom cake figures can add a touch of magic to a classic tiered cake. You can also have a buffet table with anime-inspired cupcakes and candy. Next to it, why not set up an anime photo booth where guests can don wigs and outfits from various other characters from the same anime work?

If you and your partner are united by your love of anime, your favorite work can provide you with all the inspiration you need to throw a personalized, meaningful wedding. You can simply use the same colors featured in a specific anime for décor, food, and attire, or take it a little further and wear a dress or suit that emulates the clothing your chosen characters wear. If you want to keep things classical, one place you can really have fun is with food. Ask your caterers to create cupcakes and other sweets bearing fondant or marzipan shaped into your chosen anime characters or symbols.