Top 10 Muscular Buff Anime Girls

From the massive Bisuke punching through opponents like they’re dust, to Mikasa taking down Titans many times her size, anime girls are nothing to mess with. With massive and intimidating muscles and a gaze that can pierce through your skull, these ladies constitute the bulkiest of what anime offers. Get ready to be in awe. Here are the top 10 most ripped anime girls.

10. Nikuma (The Qwaser Of Stigmata)

Most fit anime girl Nikuma From The Qwaser Of Stigmata
Nikuma seikon no qwaser (Image: Tumblr)

With her burly muscles and magnificent abs, Nikuma is just the trainer you would need. Her military attitude and terrifying gaze can make any person’s body that of a disciplined soldier. She is a nun and trains the girls at Athos. Her breathtaking musculature is an inspiration to all the young girls there. She is quick-witted and has a razor-sharp tongue; these qualities make her a great teacher and fearsome opponent. 

9. Kale (Dragon Ball Series)

Kale The Most Muscular Anime Female Character From Dragon Ball Series
Kale (Image: Fandom)

Don’t be fooled by her gentle and timid attitude. Kale might not look it always, but when she accesses her muscular side, she can break bones like sticks. She is a Saiyan from Universe 6. Her muscle mass and strength see a massive increase when she taps into her Berserk side. When her hair becomes green, and with that fierce, I-am-going-to-rip-your-head-off look, it is only natural to tremble in fear of her. She is one of the few people in the series who can actually match the capabilities of Goku.

8. Sakura Ogami (Danganronpa)

Most Ripped Anime Girl Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa
Sakura Ogami (Image: YouTube)

When stuck in a battle of death at school, you wouldn’t want to mess with her most of all. With a scary voice and a menacing look in her eyes, Sakura is an absolute monster on the battlefield; she aims to be the strongest person in the world and is definitely working towards it. Her towering physique is intimidating, while the fact that makes her most menacing is that she is also calm and level-headed unless you hurt her or any of her friends.

7. Biscuit Krueger (Hunter X Hunter)

buff anime girl Biscuit Krueger Bisky transition from Hunter X Hunter
Biscuit Krueger

Bisky likes to look cute and girly. She says it’s to make her opponents underestimate her and then surprise them with her powers. And BOY, did we get surprised after seeing the real extent of her physique. Though she doesn’t like her muscular form, we can’t help but admire those bulky muscles and the three times increase in her size. Added to this is the fact that she has a secret side to her personality as well. She can be manipulative and cunning.

6. Zorin Blitz (Hellsing)

Zorin Blitz Anime women with muscles from Hellsing
Zorin Blitz (Image: YouTube)

With menacing tattoos all over her body, the most prominent one being on the right side of her face, Zorin is one to terrify you with her looks and physique before crushing you. She’s a vampire and possesses many superhuman abilities along with her strength, like speed and illusion magic. If everything else about her wasn’t already menacing enough, know that she has a dark and silver scythe in her hand for most of the show. Did I mention she’s a sadi**t?

5. Yukina (Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress)

Yukina Anime girl body base From Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress
Yukina (Image: Twitter)

This awe-inspiring engineer is what anyone should aim to be, not in just her physique (which is already fantastic) but also in her attitude. She does her duty silently and diligently, being a support for everyone else, handling the repair and transportation of the train. Her work involves a lot of labor, and this has developed her muscles. While she isn’t very sizey compared to the others on this list, she maintains a great regimen and takes care of her body. At the same time, she is also very kind-hearted, respectful, and intelligent.

4. Michelle K. Davis (Terraformars)

Anime girl with best Abs Michelle K. Davis From Terraformars
Michelle K. Davis

When rogue humanoid cockroaches become a threat to humanity, soldiers are sent to Mars to deal with and talk to them. And it isn’t going to be easy, as the cockroaches aren’t very peaceful. However, this doesn’t bother Michelle, a strong advocate of body fitness; she has the genes, the training, and the diet to support her physical strength. Michelle works painstakingly hard on her body and shows a very realistic side to strength and muscles. She is beautiful and also has a hulk-like appearance. With a strong sense of justice, she is very passionate about her work and will do anything to protect her comrades. Moreover, she can’t help but fawn over cute things.

3. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman ripped anime girl with abs
Mikasa Ackerman (Image: Fandom)

One of the very best at 3D Maneuvering, her abilities are nothing to be scoffed at. She is a deadly opponent, and thus very well known in the anime world. While this intimidating character was already scary enough in herself, after the time leap, she has become an absolute monster, undergoing some hardcore training, her muscles and abs are worthy of showing off. She can obliterate an opponent with her strong arms, while also being agile. If you were to ever be on her wrong side, you’d be dead before you even knew it.

2. Sofia Velmer (Jormungand)

Buffed Anime Woman Sofia Velmer From Jormungand
Sofia Velmer (Image: The Otaku Author)

Jormungand doesn’t do too much fan service, but they really nailed it when showing us Sofia’s skills in a swimsuit. Even then, you can’t not feel jealous of that ripped body. She’s quick and precise with her guns and doesn’t shy away from hand-to-hand combats, but we have also seen her make good use of knives to kill her opponents. Her devotion to Koko is very admirable, and she’s a dangerous woman to fight.

1. Matrona (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Muscle Anime Girl Matrona Of Giant Clan From The Seven Deadly Sins With Abs

With her body and skills, Matrona is crowned as the most muscular anime girl. A proud giantess, Matrona is larger than most humans, and her chiseled body is maddeningly perfect. She has been fighting for more than 800 years now and was the warrior chief of the Giant Clan. Her monstrous muscles, coupled with her experience in battle make her an opponent even the strongest of enemies fear. She used to be a ruthless killer, but after showing mercy to one of her enemies, who later helped her, she learned a good lesson in mercy. She’s also a mentor for Diane and Dolores and is strict with them both. A killer at the battlefield, she is additionally a hardworking mother of two children, showing that she can handle the nosiest of opponents as well. 

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Honourable Mentions For Muscular Anime Girls

  • Saki Uno (Magical Girl Ore)
  • Noi (Dorohedoro)
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  • Seungah Park (The God of High School)
  • Yuko Oshima (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
  • Tania (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
  • Maki Oze (Fire Force)
  • Mizuki (One Punch Man)