Boruto’s Karma Seal Power Explained

Boruto has many components of its story linked with the Naruto series. However, it has managed to make a mark of its own in the industry by introducing several new characters, stories, and abilities. The stunning abilities have caught the eyes of many viewers. Here, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most important abilities, linked with the Otsutsuki clan from the end of Naruto- Boruto’s Karma power.

Boruto with Karma Power
Boruto with Karma Power

Short Answer

Possessed by members of the Otsutsuki clan, this power allows the user to engrave a seal on any person, thereby making them a vessel. Boruto and Kawaki are such vessels. The seal is used to store genetic data of the clan members and helps in their revival if they take severe damage during battle. 

It allows the vessel to use the powers of the Otsutsuki clan but slowly spreads through their body, turning the vessel into an Otsutsuki clan member.

What Is The Karma Seal In Boruto? (Long Answer)


The Karma mark looks like a seal but is actually a pyramid-shaped block of information containing biological data of the Otstsuki clan. 

boruto karma full power
Pyramid shape (Image: Fandom)

It is usually black in color. However, the mark develops into a different color- Boruto’s is blue, while Kawaki’s is red. We also know that when it is activated, the seal spreads to more parts of the body.

what is boruto's karma seal power
Boruto and Kawakis Karma Seal (Image: ComicBook)

What Do We Know About The Karma Seal?

Jigen’s Karma Power

karma power in boruto
Jigen’s Karma (Image: Manga Thrill)

The first instance of the Karma seal was seen on Jigen by Isshiki. Several years ago, while Isshiki and Kaguya were on Earth. They planned to grow a chakra fruit tree. During this time, Kaguya was a lower-ranking member and was going to be sacrificed. In her time on Earth, she had children, keeping this a secret from the others. She got attached to Earth and betrayed the others. 

what is boruto karma power
Kaguya’s betrayal (Image: YouTube)

This led to a confrontation between her and Isshiki, and he was left terribly wounded. Desperate to survive, Isshiki shrank himself and entered inside Jigen’s head from his ears. He wasn’t able to use the Karma seal as he was heavily weakened. Thus, he began absorbing Jigen’s strength and nutrients, slowly gaining control over his body. Upon accumulating enough strength, Isshiki did implant the Karma; however, Jigen’s body couldn’t manage the intensity of his chakra for a long time. And so, a search for a new host began.

Kawaki’s Karma Power

power of karma boruto
Kawaki’s Karma (Image: Twitter)

The second instance of Karma power is Kawaki, who received Isshiki’s Karma seal since Jigen was not an able vessel. Kawaki was one of fifteen children who were scientifically experimented on. Thirteen of the kids died, and a surviving Kawaki was chosen and trained under harsh conditions to become a perfect vessel for Isshiki. Kawaki’s power of Karma is thus very extraordinary. Even though he didn’t know any ninjutsu’s, he could kill Garo and fight off Konohamaru’s team.

boruto karma full power
Kawaki kills Garo (Image: Fandom)

Kawaki’s Karma looks similar to that of Boruto’s when activated. However, he doesn’t possess a Karma currently since Isshiki resurrected the living Karma in Jigen. While Otsutsuki clan members can plant multiple Karma’s, the extra vessels lose their Karma once resurrection is done. This is a safety mechanism to prevent the duplication of vessels while resurrecting.

That said, we also know that Kawaki will be getting his seal back, as he was seen having Karma marks on his body in the flashforward scene from the beginning. 

Boruto’s Karma Power

boruto's karma power
Boruto’s Karma (Image: Manga Thrill)

Upon being defeated by Boruto with a giant parent and child Rasengan, Momoshiki embedded his Karma on him. Boruto surprisingly had compatibility with the Karma and accepted the seal. This is very rare and also the reason why Boruto has developed into a vessel at such a high rate. Moreover, when Kawaki and Boruto were in close proximity, the Karma’s resonated and sped up the process to becoming a perfect vessel.

Boruto gains incredible strength using his Karma and has learned how to use it by training with Kawaki. Momoshiki can gain control over Boruto’s body upon activation of the Karma seal when he is emotionally overwhelmed or physically fatigued. When it progresses further, the Karma gives him horns like those of Momoshiki, and his right eye turns into a Byakugan.

what is borutos power?
Boruto as Otsutsuki (Image: ComicBook)

What are the Abilities of the Karma?

  • The Karma enhances physical abilities and Jutsu powers.
  • Allows the user to absorb Jutsu
  • Enables use of space-time ninjutsu, as seen in Jigen, Kawaki, and Boruto
  • Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma resonates- allowing them to release anything that they had previously absorbed.
  • The Karma also seems to extend the physical life span of a person, as observed in Jigen, who is thousands of years old.
  • Enables manifestation of the Otsutsuki clan member in the body of the vessel.
  • Boruto’s right eye becomes a Byakugan when his seal is activated.

However, using it can be very draining. Boruto and Kawaki have even been left unable to move after the fact.

what is karma power in boruto
Boruto and Kawaki Karma Seal Power (Image: Memes Random)

While the Karma grants its vessel powers of the Otsutsuki clan, it doesn’t come at a cheap price. The vessel is slowly turned into an Otsutsuki as its own genetic makeup gets written over by Karma. Even if the vessel is dead or damaged beyond recognition, the Otsutsuki clan member can resurrect it, as long as there’s a Karma. Thus, even fatal injuries to the Otsutsuki are meaningless as long as they can resurrect themselves. Using Karma, Otsutsuki are seemingly immortal.

How will Boruto and the others deal with the Otsutsuki clan, and will Boruto become an Otsutsuki? It will be interesting to watch what happens next in the series.

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