Top 10 Best Bara Manga

Genres in anime and manga are vast and chaotic, essentially because there are so many types and variants of the same basic story. One such genre that you must be aware of is Yaoi. The term Yaoi, however, refers to “Boys Love” (BL)- stories about guys being in love. Other terms you may not be aware of are “Gei comics,” which literally means gay comics, and “Bara comics” or “Bara Manga,” which is the general term used for anything related to homosexual men. In the list, we’ll be taking a look at the Top 10 Best Bara Manga.

Some Bara manga is focused on the romantic and emotional aspect of the love between two guys. These are the love stories. However, there are also others that are more focused on the explicit and sexual details of the relationships and obviously are not meant to be read by children. These are stories written generally by gay men with a gay male audience in mind. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the best bara manga list.

10. Priapus

Priapus in Best Bara Comic/Manga List
Priapus (Image: Hentai Shark)

The main character of this series is Priapus, based on the God of fertility in Greek Mythology. He is on a mission to have sex with every man he passes by to make them homosexual. Zeus, the God of thunder, is sick of the hate and violence that humans have given rise to, and in an attempt to end it all, he has instructed Priapus to make all men infertile. The story follows Priapus’ journey as he fulfills his mission, targetting men. His first victim is a man named Ousuke Sakura.

9. Itai Itai Itai

Bara Comic Itai Itai Itai
Itai Itai Itai

This manga follows three high school students and their interesting but heartbreaking love triangle. Tachikawa Shikou is the president of the Judo club in the school. While Narumi Shusaku is a member of this club. Ukeno Taiga is the best friend and classmate of Shikou. Through their journey, the three of them experience new feelings and emotions. They will have to walk their way through this mess, and only one relationship can prevail. Who will have the happy ending?

8. Umihiko and Yamahiko

Bara Manga Umihiko and Yamahiko
Umihiko and Yamahiko

This manga is set in a village. Umihiko Amimoto and Yamahiko have been friends since high school but are now heading off to different colleges. As a result, they’re soon going to be moving to different towns. We follow the story of their last summer vacation together, as they each tease and jokingly fight, but actually hold feelings for the other. After being stuck together in a shack due to some unfortunate events, the two end up in a Judo match, which just ends up getting spicy.

7. Ookami Shounen To Hamu No Hito

Bara Manga Ookami Shounen To Hamu No Hito
Ookami Shounen To Hamu No Hito

Yudai is a straight pervert. At least that’s what everyone thinks about him. But the truth is, he is an ‘in the closet’ gay and feels uncomfortable about opening up about his true feelings to others. He has gotten very used to lying naturally, and everybody believes him to be straight. One day, he meets Kimizaku and develops a crush on him. He faces an issue now, as he has consistently lied to his friends and cannot confess to his crush. One night, however, after a drinking party, Kimizaku shows interest. How will Yudai respond? Will he be able to show his true self?

6. Model nande Zettai yaranai!!

Bara Manga Model nande Zettai yaranai!!
Model nande Zettai yaranai!!

This manga is the story of love between a student and a teacher, with a very porn-like setting. The teacher begins to grow interested in the student. After a few events, it so happens that the student visits the teacher’s room, which is filled with suggestive imagery. However, what stands out the most in this room is the statue of an erect man. And would you know it, The student begins to play with the figure. This leads to more raunchiness between the teacher and student.

5. Darkness Hound

Bara Comic Darkness Hound
Darkness HoundDarkness Hound

Lozzo is a runaway soldier and usually keeps to himself. One day, he learns that the military is out to capture him. They are actively pursuing him. Moreover, they have sent Darkness Hound, one of the best assassins, known to be a fast, brilliant, and expert killer, to execute him. The story takes a turn for the interesting, when the assassin meets his target. There is more to both of them than meets the eye.

4. Class Reunion

Class Reunion a Bara Manga
Class Reunion

‘Class Reunion’ is the story of two friends who were once a part of their school’s baseball club, meeting after many years in a high school reunion. Fujio never got married, while Eno got divorced twice already, and is in his third marriage. The class is staying in an inn and relaxing. The story shows us the small fights between the two men as they soften up to each other. This manga is a perfect combination of DILFs and tsundere characters. Meeting after so many years, how will the relationship between these two pan out?

3. Sanzensekai no Karasu o Koroshi

Top Yaoi Bara Manga Sanzensekai no Karasu o Koroshi
Sanzensekai no Karasu o Koroshi

Karasuma is a construction worker- working under his boss, a man named Hato, who has ties with the Yakuza and is a very fascinating man. One day, Karasuma receives an odd request from his boss and soon gets stuck in the Yakuza world. Hato takes Karasuma out for three days, letting him live a lavish and exquisite life, buying him expensive suits, jewelry, and much more. Soon, Karasuma realizes that there will be an interesting price to pay for the gifts he has received.

2. Akkan Complete

Best Yaoi Manga Akkan Complete
Akkan Complete

The story begins with our main character, Yasuo, successfully becoming master of his house and moving into his own condo. His life changes, however, when he meets his neighbor, Ichijou. This man looks like a gangster, but his cute kitten and open shirt suggest otherwise. With Yasuo’s fear of his strange neighbor fading, he realizes that Ichijou bears a resemblance to his favorite pro-wrestler, Phantom Cross. Moreover, it seems that Phantom Cross isn’t his own self in the ring anymore, having lost much of his swagger. Yasuo soon puts two and two together, and the love story commences.

1. Romantic Bitch

Top Bara Manga Romantic Bitch
Romantic Bitch

Taiga has a scary face but a tender heart, like that of a young girl. He is easily embarrassed and an extreme romanticist. Added to this is the fact that he is a slut, who never found a lover and keeps having sex with his many sex friends. He once chances upon an incompetent father, Makoto, and saves him. As a result, the two become close. However, Makoto catches Taiga with one of his sex friends. Taiga is frightened and thinks Makoto will despise him now; however, it turns out that Makoto has a very wild side- he ends up seducing Taiga instead.

Whatever your choice of interest may be, the manga world never judges. There’s a manga for almost every single kink out there. There are many more Bara manga that you can check out on AnimePlanet.