Best Free Anime Streaming Apps iOs and Android

While anime is a widespread and a famous part of the culture in Japan and parts of the West, larger parts of the world are far from integration with the animes of Japan. While the internet has provided us with a way to watch many animes from varying websites, a better user interface and easier access to animes are offered by apps. Many of these applications also allow us to download apps for offline viewing. So, you could be in a low network area, in public transport, or anywhere else, and have a bunch of episodes to binge even there. Here are the best free anime streaming apps.

1. AnimeLab

anime apps for android AnimeLab

If you’re looking for an app that saves you money, this is it. AnimeLab is free to use and doesn’t have many annoying ads either. The app has a well-made user interface that is easy to toggle through. Episodes are added regularly, the app supports creators, and is legal to use. It is an app for fans made by fans.

The app allows users to download the episodes, and Chromecast is also available. Fans can view their favourite animes in Japanese with English subs, as well as in English dubs, when available. Bitrate and resolution can be customized, and picture-in-picture play can be done as well. Using the Premium version, you can get rid of ads and watch anime in HD, along with a few other perks.

2. Crunchyroll

Anime apps for ios

Crunchyroll is a powerhouse in the anime industry with one of the largest catalogues, and you’ve most likely already heard of it. It has a free version, plagued by ads, and a premium version disabling ads, showing episodes only an hour after they air in Japan. You can stream up to six screens at once and also download episodes for offline viewing.

Many animes like Dr. STONE, Tower of God, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Black Clover, Food Wars!, Fire Force, plus favourites like One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, along with Crunchyroll original titles are available on the site with a very clean user interface. Manga’s are also available on Crunchyroll.

3. AnimeBoya

anime streaming apps AnimeBoya

Another free anime streaming and downloading app, AnimeBoya offers dark mode and allows users to download episodes as well. It may not be the most attractive, but it has an easy-to-use interface and many anime to choose from. You can filter searches based on genre and also sync it with MyAnimeList and AniList. You can check episode release dates, create favourites, watch later playlist, and use the inbuilt video player.

4. AnimeFox

best free anime streaming apps AnimeFox

This app has a good UI and easy to use, gesture-controlled video player. The app is available for free and isn’t on the Playstore. It offers an extensive catalogue of interesting anime and also allows you to create a personal library. It offers various video qualities- 360, 480, 720 and full HD 1080p, and provides selection based on genre.

5. Funimation

anime apps for android free

This one is also free-to-use and has a vast catalogue of animes; using it for free, you will get a few ads, but you can get a subscription that starts at $5.99/month or get a yearly subscription for $99.99/Year. Funimation is actually a well-known broadcaster of many famous anime titles.

6. Aniko

free anime apps

This app has many cool features, the best of which is a simple and intuitive UI. Offering a variety of anime to watch, this app is also available for free yet is not on the Playstore. The app has no ads and doesn’t redirect viewers to other links or sites; all the episodes are available on the site itself. You don’t need to worry about high data usage or ads. A helpful feature of the app is that it allows you to resume from the same episode you were watching earlier.

7. Anime X Stream

anime apps english dub
Anime X Stream

This app offers many of the usual set of features, like hundreds of animes to choose from, a smooth UI, and a video player. All of this in an add-free experience, without spending a dime. To easier find an anime, you can also use tags to search them.

8. AnimeUltima

anime apps in english AnimeUltima

In this app, each anime season has a page dedicated to it, with all the information on the series. When new episodes are released, notifications and alerts are provided, the app offers smooth and high-speed streaming. The content is kept up-to-date, and healthy community discussions and comments are enabled in the app. You can also sync this app with MyAnimeList and AniList.

9. AnYme

anime apps AnYme

Whether you’re looking for an app that will give you several shows in a single app or one that will give you easy access to many discussions on Reddit, AnYme is just the app for you. It boasts a good collection of animes and again allows syncing with MyAnimeList and AniList. You can get notifications when a new episode is released and obtain recommendations based on the shows you’re watching. You can add notes to episodes you’ve already seen. The app lets you know when the next episode will arrive, what shows others are watching, and find anime discussions on Reddit. Moreover, songs from animes can also be found and listened to in this app.

10. NineAnimator

Anime apps without ads NineAnimator

With a very clean UI, NineAnimator is elegant and easy to use, there are no ads, and a dark mode can also be enabled. You will get notifications when a new episode is released and also Chromecast using the app. It supports multiple anime websites and other features like history and auto-resume. You can also download and watch episodes later and sync with other anime listing websites like MyAnimeList, Anilist, Kitsu, and Simkl.


Apps make watching anime a much better and more seamless experience as compared to websites. They allow us to watch our favourite shows on any device while also allowing other features like notifications, dark mode, downloading episodes for offline viewing, and much more. While each has its perks and cons, you can check out each and decide which suits you the best.

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