Attack On Titan Episode 79 “Memories Of The Future” Complete Episode Breakdown

If you’ve watched Attack on titan final season episode 79 – Memories of the future then you might also be as shell-shocked as I am. Episode 79 begins with Zeke showing eren the memories of his birth and his life.

With each passing memory, Zeke is convinced that just like him Grisha Yaegar will also begin manipulating eren and fill his ears with eldians being superior to marleyans crap. He shows eren how Grisha chose the profession of being a doctor to get access to the powerful people behind the wall and find the location of the founding titan.


However, much to eren and Zeke’s surprise, they find out that their father knew the location of the founding titan years before the wall came breaking down when eren was still a baby.

However, after finding the hideout of the king behind the wall, Grisha goes to his home hugs his baby son eren, and decides to keep it hidden, horrifying Zeke. Zeke realizes that Grisha never told eren anything about Marley and eldians and the people behind the wall because he loved his son too much and wanted him to live a normal life for as long as he can.

But, this makes him even more confused as to why eren is hell-bent on saving the eldians and destroying the world and how his thinking is exactly the same as their father’s even though he never brainwashed him. However, the answers to his question are soon revealed in one of the biggest plot twists that anyone had ever expected

The Capture Of The Founding Titan By Attack Titan


On the day the 50m titan breaks the outer wall, Grisha Yaeger heads from his home to work. however, seeing the commotion, the birds, and hearing the powerful shock he realizes that the marleyans have begun their attack and the wall of shiganshina is breached.

Therefore, he goes to the hideout of the king behind the wall and urges the new inheritor of the founding titan Freida to kill the titans destroying the wall and save his family. He begs and pleads with king, but Freida although moved, regretfully declines and tell him that it is time that eldians pay for their sins.

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Eren and Zeke are watching this memory and Zeke tells him that this is when Grisha Yaegar kills king’s entire family, however as he looks at eren his bloodruns cold after seeing how angry eren is, and we all know why. This was the day that eren lost his mother and lost everything that he once held dear.

Grisha Yaeger then goes on to explain the powers of the attack titan and tells Freida that the attack titan is the only titan who never bows in front of the founding titan’s power because it has the ability to see the future and the past of its inheritors.


Basically what this means is that whoever inherits the attack titan also inherits all the memories of the past predecessors and the future successors and has the power to look into what their successors will do with this power in the future.

Grisha then proceeds to turn into a titan but after seeing the faces of the children stops! That’s right! He stops! However, that is when one of the most shocking things happen that none of us ever expected. The grown up eren goes to his father and tells him why he came there for, he reminds him of how his little sister was mauled to death by dogs at the hands of the marleyan soldiers, how they turned his wife diana kruger into a titan, and how they might have also caused the death of his second wife carla.


Eren gives his father direct commands to kill the entire family, and Grisha obliges. After coming out from the church massacring the family, Grisha sees Zeke and tells him that he has done what eren told him to and he knows what eren will do with the power of the founding titan.

He asks eren if this is the right way? If this is the only way eren will be able to succeed in his goals and tells Zeke that no matter what he does eren will not listen to him and that he must prevent eren from what he’s about to do next. Eren then brings Zeke back to the coordinate and the episode ends.

What Is Eren About To Do Next


After living through Eren’s memories and seeing him stabbing two full-grown men to death while protecting Mikasa I think Zeke realizes that eren ever since he was young has always hated the fact of his freedom being taken away.

In the episode, the young eren can be heard saying ” I will steal their freedom before they steal ours”. Not to mention that throughout the attack on the titan series eren has always disliked the presence of walls. In the first episode of the attack on titan series, eren tells Hannes that they’re just sitting ducks behind the wall, like overgrown cattle ready to be fed to the titans.

Attack On Titan Episode 79 “Memories Of The Future” Complete Episode Breakdown

However, when eren fulfills his wish and eradicates all the titans in the world, only to realize that marleyans have been converting eldians into titans and sending them over here, eren decides to finally end the rule of their oppressors once and for all, he evidence of which can be seen at the end of season 3 when eren asks Mikasa and Armin will they finally be free if they kill all the enemies across the sea.

In season 4 however, eren realizes that it is not just Marleys who hate the eldians but the entire world, and every nation is waiting to attack the paradis island to grab the founding titan and extract resources and end the pitiful race that are called eldians.

Attack On Titan Episode 79 “Memories Of The Future” Complete Episode Breakdown

Therefore, in my opinion as horrifying as it might be, eren might be plotting to literally destroy the entire world and free the eldians from their long curse. He is sick and tired of his people, his friends paying for the mistakes made by their predecessors and has had enough of it, and as shocking as it might sound eren might just begin the rumbling, that is unleashing the thousands and thousands of giant 50m titans making the wall and unleashing them on the world. However, is eren in the right here? Or has he become an attack on titan’s biggest villain. To find out more about what’s going to happen next make sure to watch attack on titan episode 80 “From You 2000 years ago”, coming out on 7th February 2022!

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