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Black Clover Official Popularity Poll: Noelle Surpasses Asta

Black Clover has been one of the best anime of this generation. It has diversity in character designs. Each character has a unique characteristic that is easily noticeable. The anime focuses on magic, action and humour. It ain’t unusual to see anime fans loving a side character more than the protagonist. Such examples include Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen and Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. The same thing happened when Noelle surpassed Asta in the recent popularity poll.

Black Bulls of Black Clover

The wizards have been divided into ten guilds who defend the Clover kingdom. One of those guilds is known as Black Bulls. This wizard knight guild contains all the crazy characters one could find in the anime. From a magic knight with no magic in him to a princess who can’t control hers. The group of misfits have shown their great importance in recent times. Black clover has provided versatile storylines for its characters—two of those being Asta and Noelle.

Black Bulls (Image: Black Clover wiki)

Asta in Black Clover:

He is a thick-headed, hard-working, magicless child who wants to be the wizard king. A Wizard king without any magic in him sounds funny. This is where Black clover brings out a character’s potential. Seeing Asta growing and reaching his goal day by day has been a feast to the eyes of the fans. His continual growth has shown that he could achieve the goal even if one doesn’t have the means through hard work. He’s the protagonist of the story but recently gets beaten by his guild-mate, Noelle.

Noelle in Black Clover:

Like other members of the Black Bulls, she also has twisting characteristics. She’s from a royal family who are famous for their potency in magic. Getting rejected by her family, she gets enrolled in the Black Bulls. Noelle is shown as a prideful royal lady. Black Clover shows this character as to how a character with potential could get nervous while using it. She has proven to be one of the best characters as time passes.

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How Did Noelle Beat Asta In The Popularity Poll?

Noelle is not a character to be underestimated. Her substantive growth in the manga has proved to be one of the best. Moreover, she’s also cute and has a different fan base on that basis. In Balck clover, Asta is seen to be a true inspiration for hard work. It still doesn’t change the fact that he’s too loud and annoying sometimes. Though he didn’t rank first in the poll, he acquired the second position with over 60000 votes.

Noelle (Image: Youtube)

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Poll Results Black Clover – Most Popular Characters

Name Votes
1: Noelle 80,150
2: Asta 67,965
3: Nacht Faust 62,268
4: Dante Zogratis 59,445
5: Luck Voltia 58,574
6: Gauche Adlai 53,507
7: Yami Sukehiro 44,884
8: Charlotte Roselei 39,403
9: Yuno 38,648
10: Nero 36,321
11: Kahono 33,567
12: Mereoleona Vermillion 30,270
13: Zenon Zogratis 29,182
14: Liebe 27,616
15: Mimosa Vermillion 22,824
16: Makusa North 19,071
17: Magna Swing 13,473
18: William Vangeance 10,801
19: Finral Roulacase 10,264
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