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Black Clover Episode 140: A Favor For Julius

Black Clover has crossed over 120 episodes. Yet, the spark and the engagement of the anime does not fade off. This anime series and manga is one of the best creations of the times. Moreover, Black Clover has all the good elements. All around the world, the fan following of the anime is countless. The ongoing arc presents the story before the war begins. The Spades kingdom war is about to happen. Meanwhile, everyone is trained for the same. Let us dig deeper into the previous episode. And, have a look at the upcoming Black Clover Episode 140.

Release date of Black Clover Episode 140

The previous episode was released on August 18, 2020. The episodes air at 6:25 PM every week on Japan Standard Time. Moreover, the newest episodes air on Tuesday.

The upcoming Black Clover Episode 140 will be releasing on August 25, 2020. You can watch the episodes based on your time zone. Although, the reference timing is mentioned as above.

Black Clover Episode 140
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Promo of episode 140

According to the promo video of the upcoming episode, we can predict some stuff. Sally will return. Also, some other characters will debut. As we saw in the previous episode, Vannesa was grateful to the Queen of Witches. In the upcoming episode, she has a clear idea of where to head.

Moreover, she is headed to a different location. Vannessa wants to build her strength for what’s coming. The episode 140 will be a cluster of different characters.

Do not forget to watch the upcoming episode.

Recap of episode 139

Vanessa is back in the picture. She went to the forest of the witch. There Vannesa met Queen of Witches and pleaded for more powers. However, Queen says she has all the energy which will change the fate of the kingdom. Vanessa doe not want to lose her friends. And so she is willing to win at any cost.

Queen told Vannesa that at one condition, she would say to her the trick. Vanessa agreed. Then after two girls will help Vanessa. Two girls named Samantha and Elvira. How will the fight go? They have to get ready for whatever is on its way. More about the story will be revealed in the upcoming Boruto Episode 140.

Where to watch?

One can stream the episodes of the Black Clover on the following platforms:

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