Black Clover Chapter 292: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

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Black Clover is one of the best shounen manga out there. With a fast-paced storyline and extremely well-written characters, Yūki Tabata successfully creates a beautiful world of Magic. The anime series Black Clover, releasing 170 episodes, have made the manga even more popular. Although the anime itself ended in March 2021, the manga is still going pretty strong. With producers taking a little break to let the story progress further, and that is exactly why fans cannot wait to find out what happens next! To know everything about Black Clover Chapter 292, keep on reading our post!

Intro To The Plot

Asta awakening a 5-leafed Grimoire
Image: Viz-Media


A long time ago, humanity was attacked by a powerful demon who sought to kill all the humans. However, the demon was single-handedly defeated by a powerful Magical knight who became the first “Wizard King.”

The story revolves around two young abandoned orphans – Asta and Yuno. Raised in the forsaken village of Hage, in a church and looked down on by others as mere peasants, Asta and Yuno have only one dream to One day become the most powerful wizard of the clover kingdom, know as Wizard king.

Despite having the same goal, both of the young boys are quite different in their personalities. In a world where magic is everything, Asta is the only boy known who has no magical powers at all. Whereas, Yuno is blessed with incredible amounts of magical powers, even though he is a “peasant”.

Asta and Yuno
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In this world, when you turn 15, you are chosen by a Grimoire – A book of spells that chooses its users and enhances the user’s magical abilities. Looking to enhance his magical powers, Asta hopes to attain a grimoire and finally obtain some magical powers. However, much to his despair, no grimoire appears before him. Meanwhile, Yuno is chosen by an extremely rare “four-leafed clover,” the one wielded by the first wizard king himself.

However, when some boys attack Yuno to steal his grimoire, Asta, unfazed, tries to fight them off. The boys beat Asta to a pulp with their magic and remind him how hopeless his life is if he doesn’t have magical power. That is when Yuno reminds Asta that he is his  Rival. Yuno’s words remind Asta that he cannot give up. That is when Asta gets chosen by the 5-leafed Black clover, the only one in the world.

When Will Black Clover Chapter 292 Get Released? And Where To Read it online.

Asta’s Demon Form
Image: Viz Media

Black Clover Chapter 292 is all set to hit the shelves on the 9th of May 2021. Fans can read the latest chapters of Black clover on Viz Media and Crunchyroll. In the upcoming chapter, we will see a massive fight taking place between Magna and Dante. That is why fans should prepare themselves to be absolutely amazed and keep their schedules free. The raw scans of the chapter haven’t been released yet, but we can expect them to arrive by next week.

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