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Black Clover Chapter 265: Battle Is On!

Yami and Vengeance are in danger right now. The team is trying their best to save both the essential members. As, the average members can not defeat the villains. A smart and talented artist can only defeat them. Yami is the only one of a kind in the group. Everyone trains hard to face the villains in the afterworld. When the gate opens, at any cost Yami and Vengeance have to get rescued. Dard Triad is not at all easy to control. The members will have to do everything faster. There is a time-bound to it. Let us know what happened in the previous chapter. Also, see the release date of Black Clover Chapter 265.

Release date of Black Clover Chapter 265

The previous chapter of the manga published on September 13, 2020. As the manga is a weekly new chapter releases every week. On Tuesday every week the chapter publishes in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

To know the schedule of the upcoming chapters visit the official website. Also, if there is any delay, learn more on Black Clover.

The upcoming Black Clover Chapter 265 will release on September 18, 2020. The time of release on the official website is 21:30. The time differs as per the region. Also, the chapters are available digitally on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Viz Media

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Previously in chapter 264

Natch has a plan to destroy the Spade Kingdom to save Yami and Vengeance, and the plan has been made. However, it is still a task to do that. The magic will do the trick. But there are three powerful villains in the afterworld. The villains are Dante, Vanica, and Zenon all has a different ability and powers.

Also, with the help of Natch’s magic, some others can again go to the afterworld. Yuno is desperate to fight. So, he pleads Natch to include him. However, Natch want those who can fight against the villains. A force opposing the Dark Triad is coming from the Prince of Spade Kingdom, Spade!

It is the shocking confrontation ever in the Clover kingdom. Yuno tells that while the fight against Roya Family started, he was sent here. Yuno’s magic is different.

He started explaining everyone that how effective is to take him to fight the villains. But, Jack has a different perspective on this. He thinks Yuno is a villain and a spy. But, Yuno does not stop explaining everything. He want to make everyone understand the truth. In conclusion, Natch decided to take Yuno for the battle.

What will happen next? See the upcoming episode to know more.

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