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Black Clover Chapter 263: What Will Happen To Yami?

A lot of ups and downs have come till now. Some have lost their lives. However, the team is standing strong against the devil. The anime adaption of the manga is also going strong. One may read the manga or watch the anime. It would be worth it. Have a look at the release date of Black Clover Chapter 263. Also, the spoilers of the previous chapter might come ahead. So, stay calm and let us leap of faith.

Release date of Black Clover Chapter 263

Before releasing the previous chapter 262, Black Clover went on a break. Therefore, the last chapter released on August 30, 2020. Moreover, note that new chapters releases every week on Sunday.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of every chapter. Will Black Clover retake a break? Let me inform you about the releasing date of the upcoming chapter. The next Black Clover Chapter 263 will be releasing on September 6, 2020.

Black Clover Chapter 263
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Previously on chapter 262

Dante kidnapped Yami and Veangeance for his selfishness. All the members in a meeting are talking about Yami and Vengeance. They are essential members for implementing an operation. They need both Yami and Vengeance. Once both are rescued, the plan would be successful.

Charlotte is worried about Yami. Dark Triad members tend to be more potent than Brigade Captain. The power of the devil was a lot more than expected. Only Yami could handle such power. Hence, to rescue them, Fegeleona was getting impatience.

Meanwhile, Jake left and was ready to go to Spade Kingdom alone! However, Nozel stopped him. He suggested no to do what Jake was thinking. While, Charollete, Nozel, and Jake are arguing, Fegeleona got irritated. 

Meanwhile, when Charlotte told with determination that they need to save Yami, Nacht appeared. Everyone was shocked by the appearance of Nacht. 


Where to read?

The chapters of Black Clover manga are available on the official website of Shueisha or VIZ.

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