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Black Clover Chapter 262: Possible Spoilers Leaked!

Black Clover Chapter 262 is now starting again from its weekly break. It is coming back again with Asta, who is a boy with no magic. But then he has an anti-magic sword for succeeding his goal of becoming The Wizard King. Back at the Clove Kingdom, Yami failed to win over Dante. This has put him in trouble. But always all the members of BB squad members want to rescue Yami from Dante. Also, Yami kept everyone safe from Dante.

Asta is hurt. Also, his right arm became black with the effects of evil magic. But the doctor is clueless about it. Everyone is gloomy because of it. Hence, the doctor gives a suggestion that he will have some way to look after Asta. The Golden Dawn is now dead and the credits belong to Asta and Yami that everyone is safe now. Also, All members of the BB squad are taken good care of. Also, The doctor suggests that the true nature of Mimosa’s magic will be a help to Asta.

This post is about Black Clover Chapter 262’s release date and recap.

Asta tries to go and help Yami. But he meets up with an unknown man who puts an effort to stop him. We will  give more information below regarding captain Yami. But first, let us see the Manga’s schedule below and then move forward to more developments and updates.

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Black Clover Chapter 262 will come out on Sunday, 30 August 2020. Black Clover releases a new chapter every Sunday. This post has various spoilers regarding the next chapter. Please be cautious as you. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know about spoilers.

Asta screams in pain. He is alone in the room but then he sees a grimoire that opens on itself. He sees that it is putting out the sword of Yami. Asta leaves from the bed proceeding towards the grimoire. While he is running, he notices someone and he asks himself about the person. Asta realizes that he needs to go and protect Yami. That unknown man told that they don’t stand a chance in opposition to Dante.

Asta speaks to the unknown man. The man says that he knows who Asta is. He decides to allow Asta to save Yami. An unknown man proclaimed that if Asta loses then he is stupid. The unknown man tells him that if he can’t defeat him, in that case, he cant save Yami either.

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